4 Reasons Why Every Student Needs a PDF Tool During Lockdown


If you’re a student, chances are the phrase, “Put down your pencils” doesn’t mean very much to you. Education looks a lot different than it did five or ten years ago. Students and educators have become more digitally savvy and many assignments, paperwork, and even classes started going digital even before the current situation.

Now that classes are happening online by default, digital is the name of the game for everything. The pandemic means that all of us are collaborating virtually and group work that usually happens in classrooms is now being done behind laptops and tablets. While it’s nice to be able to work on your group project in your PJ’s, occasions when you will need to   can be frustrating and time-consuming without the right tools.

With a decent PDF editor, you can edit a PDF  quickly and move on. Here are 4 reasons why using a seamless PDF tool will make your life easier this quarantine.

  1. Remote learning means PDF is your new best friend.

As a student, you’re dealing with electronic documents most of the time at school, as almost every process in college is based on digital documentation. More and more often, college applications, enrollment forms, and even coursework are happening digitally. You even get graded electronically. Out of all digital formats, the PDF has become not only a standard of communication in the business world but also one of the most used formats in the academic environment.

However, students using PDF files need to edit a PDF  and annotate them on a regular basis. That’s why they need to have a reliable PDF editor. Lumin PDF is simple and intuitive. You can download, edit, collaborate on your PDF documents in the cloud. You can connect Lumin PDF to your Google Drive with a couple of clicks and you’re all set. Lumin PDF gives you great features like:

  • Add, remove, delete, number pages.
  • Split and merge files online.
  • Compress PDF files.
  • Unlock PDF files.
  • Optical Recognition tool
  • Collaborate on PDF documents online



  1. Communication is still key.


Both teachers and employers are emphasizing collaboration and teamwork as key skills. Group work that happens in one doc can quickly get derailed if group members have to keep track of different versions of a document as they revise it. It’s also easy for misunderstandings to happen when your group members have to try to guess which part of the document the others are talking about.

If your course project is in PDF form, Lumin PDF simplifies the frustrating back-and-forth editing in PDF files. Using Lumin PDF, students can communicate with group members directly in the doc. They can edit a PDF  by adding a new answer, continuing an existing discussion with the team, or illustrating changes that need to be made. When a team works on a large file with several authors, Lumin PDF keeps everyone synched in the PDF file itself.


  1. Signing PDF forms is just a matter of a few clicks.

We all have been in situations where we need to do something quickly and concentrate on things that matter most. The same applies to signing PDF forms. At the end of the semester, you’re busy with assignments, and signing PDF forms requires a printer or some seriously creative thinking. It’s overwhelming. And you don’t have to deal with it anymore.

With easy e-signatures, you don’t need to worry about printing-signing-scanning gymnastics and you don’t need to wait to get or send important documents by post (is the post even operating now?). We don’t know, but we do know that signing docs on your device is hella easier.

  1. You have better things to do than download documents.

Quarantine or not, as a student, time is your most valuable resource. Midnight coffee runs and extracurriculars probably feel like a distant memory, but still — if you have the choice between spending time jumping through all the hoops of standard PDF collaboration and well, anything else, you’re definitely going for “anything else”. Most PDF work means constantly downloading, uploading, and emailing edited PDF files. It’s time-consuming and, if you’re working with classmates, there’s a lot of room for miscommunication.

Tools like Lumin PDF simplify this. Instead of trying to figure out which file was the most recently updated and whether or not you sent it to everyone in your group, just open the history of changes and communications in the cloud, that keeps your doc automatically updated for everyone. Then make yourself a snack. Because you finished your PDF work already.