4 Services a Real Estate Agent Should Provide Their Clients


Selling a home is just near the top of the list of “Most Stressful Things a Person Can Do” — right under having a baby, and just above playing a full game of soccer. Not only are you facing the uphill battle that is recovering housing market, but there are the never-ending pile of tasks that must be completed. For example, consistently getting your house ready for showings and wondering if any of the strangers walking around your home are going to make an offer or not.


This is why we pay real estate agents. They help do some of the legwork and can direct you across the roadmap of buying or selling a home. But, what should you expect from a real estate agent? How important is it that you shop around for a while instead of picking the first one that sounds great? (Pro-Tip: it’s very important) This article is going to lay out some of the services that the right real estate agent should provide their clientele.


Shop Properties Online

You might think this is something you could do yourself, and to an extent, you’d be right. However, professional research extends past admiring photos and placing a few bookmarks. It’s a methodical and practical approach to finding the right properties for their clients’ distinct interests, taste and budget.


Not to mention, that properties will not always be available and must be dealt with as quickly as possible. A good real estate agent will keep up with what properties are trending in your desired neighborhoods as they crop up and inform you of when they get sold.


Check Out Potential Prospects

In the olden days before the internet, a real estate agent would go and actually visit the property. Any worthwhile realtor will actually spend hours of their time driving around the area of your choice looking for properties that fit your specifications. It’s a great way to preview properties and get a good feel for the benefits of the home to compile in a simple and easily digestible way — not to mention the added benefit of networking with other agents who may be able to help out later.



Attending Pitch Sessions

Being a real estate agent isn’t simply just driving from home to home or scanning listings online. It also involves a lot of face time with other professional agents at pitch sessions — a gathering of local agents at cafes or restaurants where they swap listing information in order to help one another spread the word about your property as well as raise awareness about one of theirs. It’s a great way for agents to not only build their networks, which will help buyers and sellers out in the long run, it also gains valuable insight into the properties that you might not get from the listing themselves.


For real estate agents: Implementing a CRM, like Chime, into your process can help you manage all your contacts. This means any prospects or previous sellers and even can help you generate real estate leads.


Spend Their Own Money on Marketing

On top of not receiving payment until the deal is done, agents will actually spend their own money to market your property. That means any magazine and newspaper ads, fliers, the photographer they hire, glossy prints, and premium placements on listing sites all come out of the agent’s own pocket.

When it comes to picking a real estate agent, they provide a lot more value than you might have originally thought. Especially since their knowledge of contracts and the entire buying and selling process can be a huge relief to you and your family as you prepare to relocate.