4 Solid Business Growth Strategies for 2020


Successful, sustainable growth can only be achieved when it has been effectively planned for. Even if you already have such a plan in motion, it is still helpful to know what other opportunities are out there. This enables you to make adjustments where necessary or spot growth opportunities to strengthen your business. So, consider these four business growth strategies that are worth implementing.


  • Grow a strategic digital platform


Digital marketing, in a fast-paced world driven by technology, is a must for every business looking to grow. The Coronavirus pandemic has proven this, with the current rise in its usage. There are currently an estimated 3.6 billion social media users around, and according to Statista, that figure is projected to rise to 4.4 billion in the next five years. In short, the people you need to reach are online. Not only are a majority of these potential clients for your brand or business, but a significant proportion is also your competitors shoving for their attention. Digital marketing provides businesses a cost-effective means of reaching potential customers and achieving KPIs. 


  • Diversify into new markets


Sometimes the cause of slow or no business growth may be market saturation. This is where no new demand is being generated for your product. Companies can get ahead of market saturation by taking their products and services to another market. The novelty of an unfamiliar brand, product, or service combined with effective marketing is usually enough to get things back on track. Cross-cultural communication issues can be overcome when everyone is open to embracing change. When dealing with a new culturally diverse clientele, documentation problems can be dealt with using a document translation service. You can check out Para-Plus Translations reviews, for example, to see how this service works.


  • Introduce a new product or service


The reason for getting innovative and adding new products and services is that it’s new and exciting. People love to try new things even if it’s one they aren’t sure would work. Product introduction is even more effective when you already have an existing customer base to capitalize on. Apple is a prime example when it comes to innovation as a growth strategy. Instead of knowing Apple as solely a phone manufacturer, we now know them for several other products such as the Apple TV, Apple Watch, and Home Pod. 


  • Rebuild your focus on your customers


It may be time to revamp your existing products or customer service to please the people. So, consider re-employing the golden rule of doing business: the customer is king. Ask for honest reviews and suggestions for upgrades to make your products and services more in-tune with them. Listening to customer reviews is also an effective pointer to improvements you can make to achieve growth. It’s easy to lose sight of business basics in a bid to compete and make profits. However, providing real value to your customer is the key to getting any product or service patronized. Profits are based on the purchasing power of the consumer. Therefore, it’s safe to say that if they aren’t buying, then your product or services’ importance may not be high.

When done right, these growth strategies could be the game-changer your business has been looking forward to.