4 Steps to Advancing Your Accounting Career


There are many reasons why people choose to be accountants, but one of the best that applies to everyone is that all businesses need one – which means your expertise will always be in demand. Accountants today can look forward to an attractive salary, great benefits, and dependable job security.

That said, you might want to elevate your career to a higher level, such as head of department or chief financial officer. This way, you can secure yourself for the future with a much higher salary, improved benefits, and a highly regarded career. You’ll also have the opportunity to broaden your knowledge in specific areas of your job.

Hone Your Skills

Aside from your understanding of accounting principles, there are many other skills that you need in order to find success and advance your career. This includes leadership, communication, and teamwork. If you’re not confident in any of these areas, consider taking an additional course or obtaining practical experience such as through public speaking.

Advance Your Education

Obtaining a higher level of education is ultimately the best way to improve your career prospects. Thanks to the resources we have available today, this doesn’t mean heading back to college and paying the exuberant costs that come with obtaining the next qualification level.

For example, you can get your master of science in accounting completely online. You will benefit from top-rated technology with exam software integrated into your courses and can take your qualification to a variety of career paths.

This includes forensic accounting, business intelligence, and corporate finance and accounting. Click here to find out more about an online course in master of science in accounting.

Expand Your Network

What you know can only get you so far, who you know is even more important. If your network of professional connections is limited to just your department, you may be missing out. Take some of your spare time to find ways to expand your network of contacts, friends, and acquaintances in the accounting industry.

This can be done through industry events, professional associations, conferences, and even online social networks such as LinkedIn. Be sure to keep in mind that a good network involves creating mutually beneficial relationships with those you know. Be there for those who need you and they’ll be there for you when you need them.

Consider a Mentor

During your networking experience, you might find someone who is well-versed in your line of work. A successful professional who has gone on the same path as you may be able to hand down valuable lessons that you won’t learn anywhere else.

If you don’t come across a mentor naturally, find out whether your company offers a mentorship program. If there isn’t one available, take a look online on forums or YouTube to find accounting professionals who are sharing their knowledge.


Provided you have the drive and motivation to keep pushing on, you can thrive in the accounting industry in less time than you might think. Who knows, perhaps in a few years down the line, you’ll be mentoring aspiring accountants just like yourself!