4 Tips For Crafting An Attractive Employer Value Proposition


If you have ever hired for a B2B sales role, you will know that it isn’t simply a matter of picking your preferred candidate. Oftentimes, a good sales rep will be in high demand, and the ball is therefore in their court. It becomes your job, as a company, to express what positively differentiates you from the competition.

This is why a well thought out Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is so important. As in sales, you have a product that you need to sell – in this case, your company – and in order to do so you need to effectively communicate the offerings and benefits unique to your company. In addition to working with a reputable sales recruitment agency, your EVP is the single most important step in netting your preferred candidate. Here are a few tips to get you started!

Offer Employee Testimonials

If the popularity of sites like Glassdoor has taught the industry anything, it is that employee reviews are very meaningful to prospective candidates. Getting ahead of review sites, and being forthcoming with your own employee testimonials is a great way to control the conversation and substantiate your company’s value. Include employee testimonials on all job ads, as well as the “work for us” section of your website.

Offer Opportunities For Growth

When looking for sales jobs in their area of expertise, a great sales rep might consider making a lateral – or even backward – move if they know there is more room for growth at your company. But this isn’t as easy as simply selling them a line; you have to make a company-wide commitment to hiring internally, nurturing talent and cultivating new skills among your sales staff. If you can demonstrate a commitment to advancing young careers, you will make your EVP much more attractive.

Sell Them On The Culture

Aside from concrete things like your client list, prospective employees will be interested in your corporate philosophies, management style, structure and work/life balance. If your aim is finding the “right fit” for your business, be frank about your company culture and consult with a sales talent agency about who might be the best fit for it. Including this in your EVP goes a long way toward avoiding turnover, as a perfectly good sales rep who doesn’t fit your culture will be more likely to leave.

Demonstrate What Makes Your Company Different

Here you get to the heart of the Employer Value Proposition – what it is that makes your company different from the rest. It could be a particularly robust incentives program, a solid brand, a dedication to social causes… the list goes on. What is your company known for, and how can that benefit an employee?

Whether you opt for a single-sentence EVP, like Google’s “Do cool things that matter”, or choose to flesh out your EVP into a more comprehensive pitch, is entirely up to you. Just picture your proposition like the middle of a Venn diagram, between “what your company can offer” and “what your prospective employee wants”. Find this midpoint, and you are well on your way to finding the perfect sales employee.