4 Tips for Solo Vacations from a Frequent Solo Traveler


If you’re an unofficial member of the club for people who enjoy their own company, you might be interested in going solo on your next vacation.


Solo vacations give you the chance to explore on your own terms. You get to stay where you want, eat where and when you want, sleep in or party all night when you want – basically, call all the shots. And although you’re traveling alone, you’ll probably still have plenty of opportunities for interactions with others. 


For some, drug use provides a sort of trip within a trip. Cocaine can be popular among travelers for the confidence and energy boosts it provides. However, cocaine is a Schedule II controlled substance, meaning that it is highly addictive. If you’re concerned that your cocaine use could be an addiction, cocaine treatment programs are available. 


Here are four tips for a great solo vacation, whether it’s your first one or your 50th. 


  1. Keep your phone charged.

Perhaps the best thing you can do to feel safe when traveling alone is to have your phone with you and charged. Yes, people traveled just fine by themselves in the old days, pre-mobile phones, but why make things difficult for yourself? Your phone has all your contacts, your GPS, your email, and any stored details regarding your trip. Make sure that you have at least one power cable for it, plus any plug adapters required in foreign countries.


There are also a few things you can do to extend the life of your charge, such as dimming your screen and enabling low-power mode, if available. Follow Apple’s battery life and lifespan tips or similar recommendations for android users. Removing as many pictures and other stored data as possible is a good idea; this also frees up space for capturing new memories. 


  1. Balance your research.

While in the process of choosing your locale, or even after you’ve picked a spot, it can be really tempting to take a deep dive into everything about the place. But remember, you’ll want to do the majority of your exploring when you get there.


This is where the Internet can be both a blessing and a curse. It can help you find a place to stay, means for getting there, and a few key places to check out, but it can also show you pictures from just about every angle of just about everything worth seeing. Plus, do you really want to know national park reviews from total strangers, even if they are funny? Save most of the exploring for when you get there. You’ll be happy that you did.


  1. Be confident. 

This is especially important for female travelers to keep in mind. Instructions in many self-defense classes for women say it’s a good idea to make brief eye contact with strangers. This shows confidence, which can help keep those looking for trouble away from you.


Another way to boost your confidence is to plan out your route for the day before leaving your Airbnb or hotel. If you know you’re going to a specific nature trail, map it on your phone and determine if you’ll walk or use public transportation or another ride to get there. Having confidence in your destination and your route can reduce the time you’ll spend feeling and looking lost.


  1. Travel light.

Traveling light doesn’t have much to do with solo vacations in particular, but it’s such an important travel tip that it really should be included here. 


After packing too much on just one trip, you’ll never do it again. So if you haven’t overpacked yet, learn from other people’s experiences and trust that packing light is one of the best ways to guarantee a great vacation. There’s less stuff to lug around from place to place, which is less wear and tear on your body. Plus, you’ll have more room for bringing home unique finds for yourself and your family and friends. 


Your New Favorite Way to Travel

Solo vacations aren’t for everybody, but odds are if you like your alone time, you’ll like your alone time on vacation. Doing just a few things to boost your confidence and ensure your safety can make a big difference in your overall experience. Bring your curiosity and an open mind, and as little else as possible, and your solo travel will provide memories to last a lifetime.