4 Types of Brick and Mortar Businesses with the Highest Rate of Profitability


What kind of brick and mortar business is most likely to make the owner the most profit? When a person thinks about starting their own business, they naturally want it to be a success and make them a fair living. What a shame it would be to spend the money, time, and energy to start a business and have it fail. So, before starting a new business, do a little research to make sure there is a customer base to support it.

There are 4 Types of Businesses That Are More Likely to Make Substantial Profits.

First, food supply businesses are profitable because people always need to eat. A business that supplies good quality seafood such as stone crab delivered while they are fresh is one choice. For a food delivery company to work, the owner must have passion for his product and a dream that he or she is willing to work hard for. Building relationships with the producers of the food  and the end users is important.

Food supply and grocery businesses that supply specialty meats and cheeses, vegetables, fruits, spices, seafood, and food items people need every day are a good choice. The food for a meal subscription box idea is catching on with online ordering but it could be offered in a brick and mortar food store also. The food truck business model has been growing steadily because of the small start up cost and the mobility. Natural foods and alcohol products are always in demand.

The second group of businesses to consider are health and beauty products stores. This can include drug stores, businesses dedicated to cosmetics and skincare, including organic cosmetics, and beauty shops that offer hair styling and other beauty services.

A third business choice could be pet supplies which are always in demand because of the growing number of people who own one or more pets. Pets need supplies such as carriers, foods, grooming products, collars and leashes, treats, toys, and pet care supplies. If this shop has a relationship with a pet shelter, all the better.

A fourth business choice could be pot and cannabis dispensaries and shops. They offer a great opportunity to those who act fast to get a foot into the market before it gets too crowded. Medical and recreational marijuana are becoming legal in more and more states. The shop that offers both cannabis products and related items increases its sales opportunities and profit margins.

Other Businesses That Can Work

Other businesses that offer a good chance of success and high profit include solar power equipment supply and installation businesses, home furnishing, design, and appliance stores, and specialty clothing stores. Designer eyeglass stores where people can fill their eyeglass prescriptions in style can work. Personal styling and fashion boutiques also show promise.

Department stores that combine many of the products listed above are still a good business move. These stores offer a complete shopping experience under one roof. Teens, seniors, and people of all ages can congregate at the department store with the right atmosphere and amenities. Children’s clothing and toys are a good draw. Having a food concession will keep customers in the department store longer.

For a brick and mortar business to be a success, the owner must choose the right products to sell, have great customer service, and become a shopping destination for the neighborhood.