4 Valuable Business Lessons Taken From the Field of Social Work


You’ve probably heard stories about how entrepreneurs often take their life experiences and use them to become better business owners and marketers. Sometimes having a “regular” career before branching off into your own endeavors can be beneficial because it allows you to see the world as a professional from a different perspective. Working in the field of social work is a great example of one such career path that can provide tremendous insight into various aspects of psychology and human behavior, which are important areas of knowledge for any business that wants to have a strong influence. Here are four lessons that many social workers learn and later use to better their own businesses:

1. Productivity and Positive Change Start with a Mindset

Most people think that change is initiated primarily through taking action, and while that’s mostly true, effective and sustained improvement is only realized when the person or group implementing the change has adopted a certain mindset. While studying for a masters in social work online at Rutgers University it became apparent that our biggest accomplishments are always preceded by a mentality shift. Understanding that concept is key to preparing for a busy startup launch.

2. The Psychology of Consumerism

Social workers are exposed to various forms of human psychology on a daily basis, so they get to see what makes people tick and how different stimuli trigger emotions and reactions. Talking to clients about their personal lives, belongings, relationships, and aspirations helps you develop a clearer understanding of the “want and need” mechanisms of the human mind. These are transferable skills that will almost always improve your ability to influence a target audience in the business realm.

3. Building Mutually Beneficial Relationships

Succeeding in business has a lot to do with the art of giving and taking. A company that provides tangible benefits to its customers will never have a problem building new relationships and strengthening brand awareness. People want to do business with startups that are focused on providing authentic value and quality, and in many ways that’s exactly what a social worker has to do for their clients. day in and day out.

4. Solutions Are Always Needed

After working in several positions in the field of social work and studying for an MSW online, it becomes apparent that there will always be a demand for solutions. The world is full of problems that need to be solved. As a social worker you go to work every day, trying to be a part of the solution. Adopting this mindset in business will help you give customers and clients a product or service that is genuinely useful.

People are Instinctively Helpers

One of the most obvious things you’ll notice as a social worker dealing with co-workers and clients is that people generally like to be helpful. With that said, if you can position your company as a go-to resource within its niche, you should have no trouble finding and appealing to interested leads and partners.