4 Ways to Improve Your Data Management


Private and sensitive data is invaluable to any business. It’s vital to all companies to ensure they utilize compatible data management technology for their field. This is typically outsourced to managed service providers, or similar. In order to analyze your data in a secure way, you need cloud backup, analytical tools, and adequate security measures. It’s essential to have a complete understanding of your production, operational and economic data, and certain types of software can provide you with this. 




Collating “big data” is a tall order and analytics software helps you to record and make connections between millions of data at a time. This tool can be used in several departments. Marketing can benefit greatly from the use of analytical software. Localized statistics and figures are calculated from your sales, revenue, and market predictions.  It allows you to fully understand your clients and all their preferences as well. It also tracks location and demographics. This can make forecasts for you and help protect the future of your company. See here for analytical tools explained. 


Cloud Backup


Cloud storage providers give you secure access to a second copy of your data. Your data is stored using encrypted disk-based backup archiving solutions, with 24h security in data centers. This way you are guaranteed increased protection of your data. Not only is your data protected but services include solutions, auditing and consulting, in the event of a data breach. If your company has reached capacity on its server or doesn’t have the technology to securely maintain the data, you can outsource this to another host. You can find companies that provide server colocation hosting and can take care of this for you.  


Specialized Management Software


In most specialized businesses it’s better to go with a company that can offer a more complete management software aimed at that particular field. This way certain factors that are specific to your business are taken into account. It’s, therefore, more effective to analyze your data according to productivity and the market with added expertise in the field. For example, for oil and gas operators, a specialized service like PetroBase is ideal, as it’s designed to offer support to this particular industry. By going further than analytics you thus get a more complete overview of economic, production, and operational data.




It’s important to evaluate the risks in your company and act accordingly. Consider investing in the best risk assessment software to draw up an accurate and detailed risk assessment for you. A lack of sufficient IT services to protect your company can pose a risk. Often access measures are not strong enough and this may result in a security breach. Password protection might not cut it and now at least 62% of organizations are already using biometrics as a means of authentication for their networks. These include things like fingerprint and iris scanners, and face or voice recognition. Security is under threat now more than ever, so it’s fundamental to ensure your data is protected.