4 Ways to Make Every Dollar Count When Launching Your Startup


When launching a startup, you need some handy tools and services to support your success. Of course, like all savvy entrepreneurs, you also have a budget that you have to stick to. Your startup budget serves as a road map for your business, and it’s imperative you stay on course.

There are many ways to make every dollar count while growing your startup. Take a look at four ways to get it all done.

Choose Your Business Location Carefully

If you have no space at home, or you simply want to launch your business in a more formal setting, consider a coworking space. A quick online search for coworking spaces in your city is likely to yield at least two or three facilities where you can focus on work while not becoming a hermit or being distracted by the to-do list you have for your home. Even better, most coworking companies feature several pricing options to accommodate a variety of budgets for their coworkers. As a bonus, most coworking spaces offer access to printers, copiers and other important albeit expensive office equipment.

Search for a Savvy Smartphone

You need a reliable smartphone to make and receive those critical phone calls with prospective and established clients, but you need to stay within your budget, as well. Releases like the Samsung Galaxy Note8 are ideal for your small business startup needs. Features like the included Intelligent S Pen let you stay productive while on-the-go, giving you a chance to create handwritten notes or make rough drawing drafts of a design idea. Additional features include an 8 MP front camera that allows you to take professional quality photos and a huge cache of memory for all the apps and other resources you need.

Launch a Smart and Cost-Saving Marketing Campaign

The marketing phase of your business can prove costly if you aren’t careful. Forbes lists a few steps you can take before hiring a marketing firm, including doing your own surface-level searches, like those you would do online on your own via your search engine of choice; starting a blog and creating high-quality content; relying on royalty-free images and claiming your brand’s social media profiles.

Use an Online Tax Filing Service

Sure, nobody really wants to think about taxes when just getting started with a new business, but you know it’s there, lurking under the surface, so you might as well figure it all out as soon as possible. You may not be able to afford an accountant the first year or two, so consider reliable online alternatives such as TaxAct, TurboTax or H&R Block At Home. Also, keep in mind that there are some circumstances where you may need to file a paper return.

With a focus on selling a product or service that you believe in, you already have the core of what you need to launch a successful business. And using a few budget-friendly extras will make everything run more smoothly.