4 Ways to Spruce up Your Office Space


According to a recent article published by Forbes, office design, including the furniture, layout, and even the art on the walls can have a huge impact on the productivity, performance and sense of well-being of the people working within that space. When you spend 40-50 hours a week in a confined space, it will definitely have an impact on you. This is why businesses today are investing more on office design than ever before.


However, creating a office layout that is both motivating and engaging for the employee need not require a huge investment. It just needs some planning, based on the type of work being done within that space, the number of people, as well as some thought to scalability, says an expert from Thefurniturepeople.com.au, one of the leading furniture stores in Melbourne, specializing in office and bedroom furniture.


Here are some simple ways to bring in a positive change to the work space.

4 Ways to Make your Office Space More Pleasing


  1. Hang Some Paintings: When you make this simple addition to your office space, you’ll be amazed to see the impact motivational and inspiring artwork can have on the productivity levels of the employees. You can even ask employees to contribute their favourite piece of art on a nearby wall to make the office space their own.


  1. Elements of Nature: Many office, do invest in buying fresh flowers for their office each day. If you don’t want to invest in this, the best option is to add some indoor plants. Bringing in elements of nature has been proven to help spur creativity, while boosting the sense of well-being.


  1. Invest in Furniture: When you haveergonomic work stations and comfortable meeting rooms, it can do a world of good to the performance levels within the organization. Regardless of whether you have an open layout or separate closed spaces for different departments, investing in the right office furniture can be a wise long-term decision.


  1. Soft Lighting: Most office spaces are equipped withfluorescent lighting, which can prove harsh for the eyes and the brain. Work environments should be such that they provide visual comfort, while enhancing productivity and efficiency, which is where soft lights come to the rescue. Soft light, from a range of recessed, pendant and surface mounted luminaires, provide even light distribution, while avoiding glare and annoying shadows that are discomforting for the eyes.


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