4 Ways to Strengthen Your Professional Profile


To say that the last year has been a rollercoaster would be an understatement. It has been challenging for families, businesses, communities, industries, and the world. However, history has demonstrated that from previous dark times, great innovations and changes have come. Just think of Franklin D. Roosevelt and the tremendous social programs instituted after World War II. The same can be done to your professional profile. Enhance your professional profile with these proven tips.

  • Have a Website

Employers and potential business partners want to see what you have done. Like most, they are time-starved. Make it easy for potential employers and/or partners to witness your business accolades by creating your website. You can highlight your education, projects, press coverage, and more. Make sure that your website is current and professionally designed with both mobile and desktop versions. Your website is more valuable than your resume these days. Hint: Get a great headshot for your profile picture. Don’t use a selfie!

  • Make the U.S. Your Home

Although many employers seek candidates from abroad as well as domestically, it doesn’t hurt to make your permanent home close to the headquarters or office. Sometimes the final decision on who to hire is based on where that person is based or in which time zone that person lives. If you are interested in making the U.S. your home, find a trusted us immigration lawyer. If you are already a U.S. citizen and thinking about relocating abroad, the same advice holds. You should inquire with immigration lawyers that specialize in your chosen country for rules and regulations about living and working there. 

  • Word of Mouth and Testimonials

You can brag about your professional accomplishments on your website, but what really matters is what others say about you. Ask for testimonials, reviews, and references on social media via LinkedIn. The testimonials from LinkedIn can also be featured on your website. Get more bang for every review by creating a testimonial page on your website. Hint: Play nice in the sandbox. If someone reviews your work, repay the favor.

  • Take Career Advancement Courses

With just about any coursework known to man online now, you can enroll in career advancement courses right from your home. On weekends, nights, or whenever you have time, you can study at your own pace. You can choose to beef up your finance skills or perhaps graphic design to make you a more desirable candidate. If you want to go all-in, perhaps you will select to take a second language course or a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA).


Whether you are looking for your next big career move or the right business partner, having a strong professional profile is essential. Now more than ever before, you need to have a web presence. No one has a lot of time to sort through the applications, paper resumes, and attachments. Almost all of the above tips can be done online. Get started today for a successful tomorrow. Good luck!