The Challenges Facing Insurance Agencies Today


The Challenges Facing Insurance Agencies Today

Dario Campolattaro is the Chief Executive Officer of Kelly Insurance Agency/Summit Insurance Services, LLC. Kelly Insurance Agency/Summit Insurance Services offer a wide range of personal, commercial, life and health insurance and group insurance coverage. Dario has over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry in both the carrier and broker arenas. His broad range of experience includes sales, sales leadership, operations and merger integration. Prior to joining Summit Insurance Services, Dario worked with Northwestern Mutual to provide clients with professional solutions and direction to manage employee benefits. He consulted his clients on group insurance, executive benefits, and 401K. He also provided insight to personal financial planning, life and disability insurance, and long-term care. Dario previously worked for 14 years in the health insurance industry with MAMSI Health Plans, and later UnitedHealthcare. As Vice President he managed the entire Virginia, Washington, DC, and West Virginia marketplace.

Tell me about your firm (number of employees, location, type of companies you work with, etc.).

Kelly Insurance Agency is part of Summit Insurance Services and Summit Community Bank, which are solely owned by Summit Financial Group. Kelly Insurance Agency and Summit Insurance Services are ranked as one of the top 20 largest agencies by the Washington Business Journal. Together they have 40 employees and have locations in Leesburg Virginia Moorefield WV and Charleston WV. In addition, they have a presence in 15 Summit Community Bank locations in WV and VA. Their primary clients are companies of 50 or more employees in the DC metro area. Kelly Insurance clients include government contractors, technology companies and service industries.

Tell us about the challenges facing insurance agencies today?

There are a few main challenges facing insurance agencies today. The most obvious is Healthcare Reform. The legislation is tremendously complex and has been and will be rolling out over the course of several years. This has required a constant and diligent education of the legislation. A byproduct of the legislation is that insurance agents/agencies have become the go-to resource for employers on interpretation, consulting, compliance and education of the legislation. This is a tremendous responsibility and drain on resources that technically insurance agencies are not compensated for. In fact, agency compensation from the insurance companies has steadily been going down since the legislation was approved.

What is your firm doing to overcome these challenges?

In addition to continuing to provide exceptional client specific service, we have made a significant commitment of time, resources and people to be subject matter experts on Healthcare Reform. Employers look to us as their consultant to guide them through the ever changing landscape of healthcare reform and compliance. Kelly Insurance adopted a consultative approach to client management. Advising clients on short term and long term strategy to manage and reduce insurance premiums. Our clients look to us for creative solutions that will allow them to continue to offer a competitive benefit package for employee retention, recruitment and business growth.

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