5 Best On-the-Job Uniforms


Many workplaces require their employees to wear uniforms. Love them or hate them, uniforms are a part of the working world.

So which are the “best” uniforms to wear? Which ones can make employees stand out while remaining comfortable and helping them do their job more efficiently? It’s not a question you’re likely to have considered before, but there are some seriously comfy and convenient on-the-job uniforms out there.

Why do we wear uniforms at all?

Uniforms and dress codes have been around a long time, and uniforms have resisted change in a way that other types of clothing have not. We’re all more comfortable in our street clothes, and clothing trends increasingly move towards the casual. So why do uniforms persist?

Uniforms promote brand awareness, build company loyalty, and lend a sense of professionalism. Groups of people who all wear the same uniform feel like a team, and the chance to “upgrade” a uniform as you advance provides incentive to work harder. And of course, some uniforms like lead aprons for x-rays are primarily about protecting the wearer.

The five best uniforms

Scrubs: Medical personnel agree that scrubs are the best. You don’t have to plan what you’re wearing, they are endlessly comfortable, and they come with lots of pockets. Most medical people have an array of pens, paper, forms, and everything else imaginable that they need to keep with them at all times, and scrubs’ pockets are perfect.

Best of all, scrubs come in absolutely every color and style you can possibly imagine. You can find them in solid colors or rock your favorite cartoon character. And considering how inexpensive and durable scrubs are, it’s almost a shame they don’t see much use outside the medical field.

Chef’s jackets: If you’ve ever seen a chef wearing his or her jacket, you might have wondered if this was all just for show. But a great chef’s jacket is far more than show: it’s about convenience, protection, and presenting a good look to customers.

The sleeves of a chef’s jacket, as well as the double breasted front, protect the wearer from cuts and burns. The best cotton chefs’ jackets from Jobe Line are cotton: the cotton protects chefs from the searing heat of the stove while remaining breathable.

Suits: If you think suits aren’t a great work uniform, then you probably don’t work in a job where they’re required. Mark Zuckerberg has a bunch of t-shirts and jeans in the same colors so that he never has to waste brain energy making choices about what to wear. He’s not the first to think of this, because suits already have that same function.

The great thing about a suit is that it makes you look good while taking all the stress out of decision-making in the morning. You can wear the same grey suit every day and just change up a tie or scarf. Try getting away with that in your street clothes!

Brand-name retail: Some retail outlets let (or even demand) that employees dress entirely in brand-name clothes. If you work for a run-of-the-mill or formalwear store, you might end up with stuffy or uncomfortable clothing.

But some retailers have amazingly comfortable clothes for you to spend the day in. Imagine putting on high-quality Eddie Bauer or LL Bean trekking gear and getting to wear it all day at work.

Yoga pants: There’s a reason why seemingly everyone has a pair of yoga pants these days: they’re as comfortable as trousers can possibly get. Sadly, the debate rages over how appropriate they are for wearing out, and you definitely can’t wear them to work.

Unless, of course, you work as a yoga, pilates, or similar type of exercise instructor. If that’s your job, you might just have the world’s most comfortable work uniform.