5 Clever Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website


Creativity has always been a very big part of marketing and transferring this creativity and clever marketing campaigns from traditional media and even traditional online marketing methods means you’re more likely to get your business seen. Creating the ad campaign that goes viral on social media is the dream of almost all online marketers, and understanding internet culture and being able to embrace it and adapt it to effectively market your company or products means you’re one step closer to really getting your brand out there and known without spending a fortune. Let’s look at 5 clever ways to drive traffic to your website using online marketing.

Simply Advertise and Embrace SEO

Advertising on the internet starts with search engine optimisation. It’s the process of making your website attractive to search engine algorithms using metrics and weightings used in the algorithm to determine how exact your website is to specific search terms. It’s called SEO, and it’s a complex topic that involves a unique set of skills and often is best leaving up to the professionals. If you want to take online marketing and advertising seriously, then you’ll want to use search engine optimisation services offered by a company like PWD who can provide holistic and complete SEO Perth solutions for your business. Particularly if the search terms your customers are using to find your particular business is more generic, you’ll want to get your SEO rankings up and your website the most effective it can be to increase your SEO rankings.

Clickbait Works Because We Can’t Resist it

Perhaps slightly underhanded, but no less effective is the idea of clickbait titles. You might have a blog on your website where you publish information or opinions on things from your industry and this is where, in combination with social media, you can get very good return and forward traffic to your website. It takes a specific skill to create these clickbait headlines and article titles, but the general idea is to write your titles and introductory text in such a way that there is more to discover or the answer to the question posed in the title will be revealed in the blog post. Give your users a real reason to click the link.

Get Social and Embrace Social Culture

Of course, without a good social media presence, your blog posts, articles or products can be as amazing as ever, but if nobody can discover them, it’s really a bit of a non-starter. This is where your social media presence comes in. Understanding how each social media platform works, the kind of audience they attract and what content will work best for each one is the crucial thing here. Joking light-hearted content perfect for Reddit might not get a positive response on Facebook where the audience tends to be older and more serious and naturally, business focused content will work best on platforms like LinkedIn.

Get Influencers Talking About Your Products

To understand just how big the reach of social media is, let’s look at the kind of audience one particularly big social media platform is. Instagram is very, very big right now.  According to online sources there are approximately 500 million people that open Instagram every day and those users can spend up to 28 minutes a day on the platform. Many users look to Instagram to discover what is trending in the world of fashion, popular culture, dining and many other aspects of society. They look to influencers and tastemakers on the platform to inform these decisions, so knowing this and engaging with these influencers to showcase particular services or products has becoming big business.

Give Things Away and Create Incentives

Competitions are perhaps the best and easiest way to drive traffic to your website. Create a call to action that will leave a lasting impression on the customer, like requiring a signup to a mailing list or having to find clues or answers on your website and you’re exposing your brand to those that are entering your competition. Don’t make the barrier for entry too high but do use competitions to drive traffic to your different platforms. Just be aware of the limitations of running competitions on some social media platforms should you choose to do so.

There we have it. With not much money you can think creatively to drive users and potential customers to your website or online store. Creating a sense of community and offering incentives for those users of the internet and social media and giving them agency to visit your website is the cornerstone of any successful marketing campaign. If you can get people to invest in the success of your brand via engagement and personal connections with them via influencers and similar strategies, you’re well on your way to an effective online marketing campaign.