5 Cool Website Design Tips for your New Business


When setting up a new business, your website will be your portal to the digital world and should therefore be of a professional design. Of course, it is easy to use a user-friendly web design template, yet the end result is hardy professional and as first impressions really do count, you are advised to talk to a leading web designer about a concept for your digital platform.

Here are a few tips for optimum website design.

  1. Make Good Use of Available Technology – Check out the following website, https://www.simpsonmarine.com/, which is a great example of how video can be best utilised, showing some of the impressive vessels they have on offer. You can, for example, create a chat window that allows site visitors to chat with a human, who is located at your offices, which is great when a potential client has a query.
  2. Fast Page Loading – This is an essential requirement, as people do not like to wait for an Internet page to load and a professional web designer would be able to convert high quality images to a format that will load very quickly. You can easily test this by navigating from page to page to see how fast they load and if it takes too long, talk to your web designer.
  3. All Device Compatible – Millions of people prefer to use their smartphone when browsing the Internet, so have your site optimised for mobile device and tablet use. It doesn’t make sense to limit the number of people that can access your website and with a professional web designer, you can be sure that your site is all-device enabled.
  4. Create a Blog Page – If you create a blog page on your website, you can post engaging and informative articles and this will be well-received by your site visitors. Google also recognises blogs that have specific keywords and that can help you to gain a good search engine ranking, which is a great way to find new customers. People like to read blogs that are both engaging and informative and you can hire an SEO agency to write professional blogs that are industry related. Click here for a great article on corporate branding, which is an important aspect of business.
  5. Video Content – Video is a very powerful marketing tool and you can create short clips to introduce your line of products or your team. If you are unable to make videos, call in an SEO agency, who have video creators that produce inspiring videos. If you don’t wish to maintain your website, the web developer is happy to be your webmaster and he or she would upload content on your behalf. Click here to search for a suitable web domain to use for your website.

It is important to understand the importance of a company website and therefore, adequate time and money should be spent on the design and construction in order to have a professional looking website. The site needs to be updated and upgraded on a regular basis, which is something for your web designer to handle.