5 Crucial Ideas for Creating a More Effective Flyer


When you are spending money and time on designing and printing flyers you need to make sure you are getting optimum return on your investment. Whether you are promoting an event or a new product, demonstrating a new service or asking for donations, your flyer must be well-designed in order to be effective.


Here are some simple ideas for ensuring your flyer printing campaign is a big success:


  1. Go With the Image First

Flyers and leaflets are highly visual, and most people will notice an image before they notice text. Therefore, lead with an image and make sure it is eye-catching and memorable. Generic images don’t help you create an effective flyer. An image does not have to be a photo, but if it is photographic then the quality should be high. If you don’t have a designer or you are unsure what image to use, pick a ready-drawn template with illustrations from the internet or your print firm that matches the purpose of your flyer.


  1. Focus on the Benefits

People are generally less interested in the features of a product or service and more interested in how it can benefit their lives. You need to tell your audience what your product or service will do for them. Effective leaflet printing answers their questions and proves that the product will help or make their lives better.


  1. Cut the Waffle

When it comes to text, keep it as short as possible. Make your point in as few words as possible so that they stand out on the flyer. It is a good idea to use bullet points, lists, and short sentences in every flyer you produce. You therefore deliver your point in an effective way.


  1. Be Friendly

Use a light, conversational tone on leaflets and flyers so you engage with your audience. A leaflet is a way of creating conversation between yourself and your audience, and it is not merely a sales tool where you take a robotic tone.


  1. Don’t Forget Your CTA

One of the most important, if not THE most important, elements of a flyer is the Call to Action. If you do not tell people what you want them to do next, you are wasting an opportunity. The flyer should have a message and you should tell people what they need to do next, whether that is attending an event or visiting a website, going into a store, or making a donation. People need to know what to do next so make sure your CTA is clear and relevant; in this way you continue the interaction long after people have finished reading the flyer.


Image: Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/FreeDigitalPhotos.net