5 Daily Habits to Increase Productivity


In the world of business, productivity is often used as a measure of success by those who claim to understand the value of consistently getting things done and churning out great ideas. One of the “secrets” that entrepreneurs and successful business leaders maintain is actually quite simple, but it is often overlooked: maintaining habits.

Some assume that successful people are either lucky or born with some innate ability to always know what to do. But the truth is that success is about productivity, and productivity is all about habits. For example, in this interview with Chris Garland of Botswana, the financial executive explains his daily habit of organizing the communications he receives and prioritizing them to ensure he efficiently tends to them.

Top Habits to Improve Productivity Each Day

Productivity is often thought of as a form of efficiency: doing the most possible without over-using resources, including time. The following are five of the best actionable daily habits to increase productivity.

  • Set Aside Time to Plan and Review Goals

Staying focused on the here and now and on the progress being made must be a goal for anyone wanting to improve their productivity. It’s impossible to measure productivity without goals, and goals themselves mean little if they aren’t analyzed regularly. 

When planning out your day or week, it’s beneficial to begin by reviewing goals to ensure you’re spending your time in the most productive way possible. Many people begin each day by contemplating their goals to keep them on track. Plus, they’re keenly aware of their strengths and shortcomings with regard to their plans.

  • Establish and Maintain a Daily Routine

Going about each day in the same manner and following the same schedule can condition your mind and body to be prepared for different activities at the appropriate times, which equates to less wasted time and boosted productivity.

For example, starting work at the same time each day will make your mind better prepared to focus on work-related tasks during that time. Beginning each day with the daily habit of exercising while you catch up on the news can also help your mind keep each day’s activities mentally organized.

  • Take Regular Breaks

Giving your mind and body a break, even if it’s just for a few minutes, can re-establish focus and help you avoid burnout. These little breaks are perfect for helping the brain come back refreshed, but make sure to plan your breaks in advance so that time isn’t wasted trying to decide when to take them during the day. You can take a 10-minute break every couple of hours for a short walk. A change of scenery for even a few minutes a day can do more good than you may initially think.

  • Keep a Gratitude Journal

Being grateful is one of the biggest (and most underrated) productivity practices. When people are routinely grateful, they are more than just happy in general. 

Keeping a gratitude journal can offer various benefits, too, including increasing your motivation, improving your focus, and lowering your stress levels. All of these factors can contribute to improved mood and productivity.

  • Get Moving

Plenty of research has shown that exercise improves productivity in more ways than one, especially if it’s done early in the day. Exercise improves the ability of the brain to learn and improves memory retention, and it can also prevent the loss of cognitive functions as we age.

Being Productive in Itself Is a Habit

Productivity at work is about creating a system that is efficient and beneficial to you, not about being lucky or gifted or anything else of the sort. Productive people are those who not only develop a system that works for them but also have the self-discipline to keep at it.