5 Essential Burger Ingredients Every Restaurant Needs

essential burger ingredients your restaurant needs

Do you own a restaurant that serves burgers? If so, how are they doing? Do you often get comments and great feedback on your burger ingredients, or are you met by silence?

If you strive to be the best you want to nail that positive feedback, even better if you can get it without a prompt. So here are five burger ingredients you need to design the perfect burger for your restaurant. 

The Most Important of Burger Ingredients: A Commercial Grill

If you want to make that winning burger that everyone in town talks about you need a commercial grill. Okay, so this isn’t exactly a burger ingredient, but it might as well be because of the way it affects the flavor. 

There is a big difference between using a commercial char grill and a gas stove for cooking your burgers, and this is something your customers will notice. A grill presses the burger and heats it directly from the top and bottom, leaving it tender and juicy on the inside.

High-Quality Patties 

The patty is the heart of the burger. If customers like your patty, they’ll rave about your burger ingredients and come back with friends. If your patty is mediocre, they’ll forget about your restaurant and visit your competitors the next time around.

Whether you are buying patties or making them yourself, you want to look for texture. You can achieve great burger texture by combining different grades of meat. The trick is to strike the right balance so it isn’t too rough or too fine. 

A Buttered Bun 

Are you the type of chef who doesn’t butter a burger bun or one who does? If you’re the latter, then you cater to the vast majority of people who prefer their burger buns buttered. Buttering is important, but don’t forget to toast it as well! Toasting and buttering work perfectly together, and it makes the bun one of the most memorable burger ingredients.

But wait, does the bun get buttered before or after it gets toasted? The answer is both. When you butter the bun before toasting it makes the soft roll crispy and light, but some butter after is great for flavor. 

Crisp Lettuce 

Everyone’s had the experience of a burger that had some floppy lettuce in the center. It’s more like eating something from the sea than something from the farm. The patty is the heart of the burger but it needs some good backup as well – crisp lettuce is one of them. If you forget this on your list of burger ingredients, you’re missing out.

But crisp lettuce doesn’t just add to the texture and flavor of the burger—it has a practical function too. The lettuce always goes underneath the patty and the meaty tomato to catch the juicy flavors of the burger when waiting to be chowed down. 

A Juicy Tomato

The final burger ingredient every restaurant needs is a meaty tomato. The best ones to get are from Italy. These tomatoes are extra chunky and they help to prolong the burger flavor with their moderate acidity. 

If you want to serve burgers that people remember then include the ingredients from the list above, one or more can make a difference but when they work together they deliver a burger experience your customers will love.