5 Essential Trade Show Booth Setup Tips to Help Make the Right Impression


We’ve all visited trade shows, only to find countless rows of tables with bland backdrops and draped cloth. In such an environment, what really stands out and grabs your attention? The general answer is “nothing at all”, and that’s the problem. If your display isn’t interesting, visitors won’t be interested. Creating a memorable trade show display is easy, as long as you’re willing to put in the money, time, and effort. Use these five ideas to set up a booth in a way that creates a favorable first impression with trade show attendees and other exhibitors.

Make it Unique

Trade shows require a substantial investment of time and money. If you’re considering a 20_20 rental booth for your next appearance, it’s important to choose one that will stand out. By going with a rental booth, you can freshen up your look with each show. Modular booths are a great choice because they provide the flexibility to decrease or increase the show footprint while maintaining the brand’s visually stimulating elements.

Give Great Swag

There’s no debating that the promo items you choose will affect the company’s ability to create buzz and attract attention. Investing in high-quality, unique promotional items like custom water bottles with your logo will help you reinforce the brand message and leave customers with a good impression. If cost is a concern, remember that not everyone has to leave with a “big prize”. By having some quality, but relatively low-cost items for other attendees and saving the high-dollar swag for the most likely prospects, you’ll save money and create maximum impact.

Host Games With Prizes

If the booth has a fun, industry-relevant game while competitors have nothing but pens and pamphlets, where do you think most attendees will end up? Be sure the game has a fun element and generates positive buzz, and don’t forget to use this opportunity to gather visitors’ information. By asking attendees to sign up to take part in the game, you’ll easily create a list to be used following the event.

Demonstrate Your Products and Services

If you’re investing time, money, and other resources in a trade event, your products and services should be unique and valuable to the market. It’s best to think of attendees as sales calls; if they’re part of the target market, take the time to show them why they should do business with the company. For products and services that can be demonstrated, focus on the value proposition rather than the features. The more the audience can take part, the better.

Be Active on Social Media

Although these shows are “in person” events, social media still plays a crucial role in the exhibit’s effectiveness. By participating in social media during the event, you’ll resonate and connect with attendees as well as those who could not make it. Be sure to use relevant hashtags so visitors can quickly and easily find the company’s posts.

In Closing

Trade shows are an effective marketing method, and when displays are set up properly, they’re rewarding experience with a high ROI. With a well-crafted trade show display, you’re more likely to meet your goals. By following these easy tips, it’s possible to create a visually impactful exhibit that makes a favorable impression and reinforces the brand’s message.