5 Major Things You Need to Be Successful in the T-shirt Printing Business


The T-shirt printing business seems like one of the most demanding and time-consuming businesses in the clothing industry. This might not be a wrong assumption as it requires some major capital to set up and run a standard T-shirt printing business. However, whether you are starting a small, medium or big printing business, success can be guaranteed. With a will, there is a way! But beyond that, we have put together major things you cannot overlook if you want to make it in the custom T-shirt printing business. 


Purchasing well-made equipment such as high-quality printers that will get the job done is a major plus. Your targets should be printers that are specifically designed for textile ink, portable and easy to learn and use, and have the best warranty in the industry. They may not come cheap, but they will surely serve you better than most. 

Good pricing

Pricing is very key to making or marring your business. You shouldn’t bring your price too low, to avoid running at a loss; neither should you raise your price too high, to avoid losing good customers. To get it right, simply calculate your production cost and upon checking the average price given in the market for the particular piece, determine the amount to be added as profit and sum it with the production cost. This is a simple and basic way to give your price; though it varies, it depends on the customer and quantity of production. 

Marketing skills

Marketing is a very crucial aspect to the growth of any successful business. You totally cannot avoid incurring costs in the process of marketing, but you can cut down cost considerably by adopting a mix of both traditional and technological means of marketing. This should only be done after you have been able to extensively define and understand your target audience. Strategic marketing won’t hurt and would cut off some unnecessary overhead costs for your business.  Employ social media for wider outreach. More specific ads on newspapers, magazines, and fliers won’t hurt, depending on the budget.


Some colors are just too hideous to be used for T-shirt production. As much as the goal is to satisfy the majority of your consumers, you should also put in view, the fact that there are colors that sell naturally and produce more of such and few of the random and not so popular colors that don’t move so well in the market. In doing so, you avoid the risk of mass-producing unsellable T-shirts, and therefore running at loss. Therefore, carefully choose your colors.

Fabric quality

Poor quality fabrics can totally mar the production and brand of a sellable style and color of shirts. It is expedient that you check and suggest to compatible fabrics that will work well with the print to your clients. A custom T-shirt, no matter how cool the color or design may be, might lose its market value once the quality of the fabric is poor and unsuitable.