5 Marketing Tactics For Your Supplement Business




5 Marketing Tactics For Your Supplement Business


Dietary supplements are more popular these days than ever before. With millions of consumers now desperate to get their hands on supplements that allow them to supercharge their workout routines or daily lives, many entrepreneurs have tried to hop on the bandwagon and have begun their own supplement business. What too few of them realize is that this can be a cut-throat marketplace, and that failing to properly market yourself dooms your supplement business to failure. Luckily, modern technology such as social media platforms can be leveraged to overcome this issue.


Take advantage of these 5 marketing tactics for your supplement business before someone else does. 


  1. You simply must have a social media presence


The most important thing to understand about marketing your supplement business is that social media platforms should be the focal point of your efforts. While traditional media still enables supplement companies to reach potential customers, modern platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and especially Instagram are far superior when it comes to their overall reach and efficacy. This is because consumers respond to social media advertisements differently than those shown to them on the TV or over the radio. This is particularly true if you have influential figures on social media platforms hawking your products in an organic, natural, and convincing way. 


If you want to compete against established companies like Express MRI, you’ll be obligated to spend money on Facebook and Instagram ads that show up on consumer news feeds. More importantly than paying for ads, though, you need an actual social media network of legitimate accounts operated by your company. These accounts will host product giveaways that drum up public attention, respond to consumer complaints and concerns, and enable you to showcase forthcoming products before their eventual release. 


  1. You may need to hire a media expert


If having a social media platform seems simple enough, recall that you must be constantly posting new content at all hours of the day. Digital users around the world will be browsing the internet while you and other employees sleep after a long day of work, so you may need a social media expert to manage your pages while you take a much-needed break. When hiring a social media expert for your supplement business, ensure that they understand how to cash in on the ongoing supplement boom. 


If they’re unfamiliar with the major market trends driving the industry forward, they’re probably not the right person for the job.


  1. Up your labeling game


Now that we’ve discussed the importance of social media, you can move on to upping your labeling game. Product labels are immensely important – many consumers purchase (or shun) a product on the basis of what they read on its labeling. The supplement industry is notoriously rife with abuse, as many scammers try to give the industry a bad name by ripping off customers. To become a legitimate supplement business that doesn’t exploit consumers, you’ll want to ensure you have clear, effective labeling that tells consumers everything they need to know before they buy. This will simultaneously help you increase sales and avoid FDA penalties for flouting regulations.


Review the FDA’s page on the importance of labeling if you haven’t already. Entrepreneurs trying to start a supplement business can’t ignore this crucial area of oversight if they want to endure in the marketplace for very long. In many instances, it may be worth investing in an outside expert or business to help produce professional labeling for your products. As you’ll quickly discover, your supplements with fancy and attractive labeling will likely sell at a much higher rate than poorly-labeled products that may be deemed suspicious by consumers. 


  1. Have a stellar website


You may think having social media pages is enough, but the truth of the matter is that every supplement business also must possess a stellar website. Digital operations are where the future of sales is heading – modern projections overwhelmingly show that the future of shopping will be defined by websites and ecommerce. If your supplement business doesn’t have an attractive website that’s easy for consumers to navigate, it will never become particularly profitable. Linking back to your original website on your social media pages is thus an important strategy if you seek long-term success.


If you lack the expertise to create a website yourself, outsource the job to a qualified web developer, but ensure they understand your unique business and personal preferences before investing in them. 


  1. Embrace content marketing


Finally, you need to embrace content marketing to sell supplements. This means creating blog posts, funny videos, and other social media moments and digital snippets which can be shared with others. In doing so, these posts will highlight your product and its efficacy in an organic fashion that appeals to consumers. You’ll eventually find out that content marketing is one of the most effective ways to get new consumers into your brand when they’re otherwise suspicious of it.