5 Midtown Manhattan Meeting Spaces You Should Consider


The Midtown Manhattan area is home to many of the business world’s powerhouses. Among the companies headquartered in Midtown’s financial center are Bloomberg, Ernst & Young, Barnes and Noble, CBS, and Citigroup. It goes without saying that the area sees a lot of important business activity throughout the day. These include client meetings, pitches, seminars, and the like.

For businesspeople traveling to NYC—or native New Yorkers who need a change of scenery—what are the best places in Midtown to hold meetings? Here’s a list that maps 5 prime locations, plus info about what makes them perfect for business activity. Choose among these and set a business meeting that’s both engaging and productive.

The Westgate Hotel

The Westgate Hotel Midtown Manhattan has long been a favorite haunt of NYC businesspeople. For one, it’s conveniently located near Grand Central, Midtown’s premier transport hub. That makes the hotel accessible to virtually every business traveler. For another, its meeting facilities are topnotch. The 400-square-foot Board Room, whose centerpiece is a mahogany conference table, is ideal for formal meetings.

The Westgate Hotel is where you and any high-profile partners can hold a meeting with a dignified, professional atmosphere. And if anyone needs post-meeting snacks, you can grab some at the Tudor City Marketplace and Bar.

Kellari Taverna

For a hearty, delicious business lunch that’s easy to enjoy, check in at Kellari Taverna. It’s Midtown’s go-to restaurant for authentic Greek food. Must-try items are the olive and cheese platter, the spanakopitas, and the crowd-pleasing baklava.

Kellari Taverna is great for dressed-down meetings, post-event socials, or friendly meals with clients. This is where you can bond, boost morale among colleagues, and partake in good old New York hospitality.

Gregorys Coffee

A good cup of joe is an absolute must-have for any type of business meeting. Luckily, NYC businesspeople are spoilt for choice with places like Gregorys Coffee. They’re known for their mean cold brew and refreshing vegan options, like their oat milk latte.

Gregorys is an awesome hangout for creatives and startup entrepreneurs. It’s got a wonderful atmosphere to get creative juices flowing, and is therefore the right place for an intimate brainstorming session or two.

Le Pain Quotidien

Come by this beloved Belgian café if you want to take your colleagues somewhere a little more upscale than Starbucks. As per their name, which translates to “our daily bread,” Le Pain Quotidien specializes in freshly baked pastries. They’ve also got a wealth of organic, vegetarian, and vegan options. If you go here, none of your participants will feel excluded in terms of what they can eat.

Le Pain Quotidien is an ideal choice for comfortable, yet focused team meetings over breakfast or brunch. There’s ample food for the mind here as well as for the soul.

Benjamin Steakhouse

Benjamin Steakhouse is one of Midtown’s best dining options. They’re rightly famous for their aged beef. Diners can come here to dig into hearty cheeseburgers and extremely serviceable steaks. These mains should be accompanied by sides like the wedge salad and the potatoes with creamed spinach.

This is where you can go to treat execs and regular employees alike for a job well done. It’s also a great restaurant to close a big deal or to celebrate one pushing through.

Following Business Etiquette During Business Meetings in Midtown Manhattan

Midtown has a global pedigree for doing business, so following proper business etiquette matters for a lot. Even if you won’t be conducting business activity inside your office, it’s important to follow these best practices:

Choose a Place That’s Conducive for the Business Activity

You will want to book a venue that has enough space to accommodate all participants and that has the right vibe for the activity. If it’s the kind of meeting where everyone should be in suits, then be sure the atmosphere reflects that. But if the meeting is more casual in nature, you can book a larger space where you can talk and move around freely.

Strive to Meet Your Business Objectives

The meeting may be a breath of fresh air from the confines of your office. It’s likely something that all who are involved are looking forward to. But don’t forget what the meeting is for; don’t leave without having met your objective, whether that’s closing a deal or establishing rapport with a business partner.

Stay Professional

You may be outside your company’s HQ, but whatever you do still reflects on its values. Always behave with the same propriety and the same professionalism that is upheld in your office. Be on time, polite, respectful, and considerate. You can eat heartily during your business meeting, but you may want to forgo that second cocktail.

A business in Midtown Manhattan chalks up a lot of essential activity to outside meetings. If you’re in charge of booking the venue, consider the five places listed above. Be sure there’s enough space, food, and wiggle room for every participant involved!