5 Mistakes to Avoid as a Forex Trader


Learning is the best way to grow no matter which business you are involved in. Learning also never stops no matter how skilled you become. As a forex trader, learning will be almost the primary thing you will do as you go about your business. Every single day, you will need to learn about the status of the market and any current events that might affect your trading. Learning is necessary because mistakes are common in the industry. While it is not possible to totally get rid of mistakes in your trade, you can learn about the basic mistakes most people make and how you can avoid them Doing this will greatly affect your trajectory in the forex trade. The following are the 5 key mistakes to avoid as a forex trader.

1. Using too much leverage

One of the most defining aspects of the forex market is the huge availability of leverage. Brokers will usually give traders up to hundreds of value of a traders initial account. Such an offer is tempting even for the most skilled traders. Too much leverage can be bad for business since it exposes you to all the risks in the market. You should always remember that the leverage available to you should not be equated nor replace your actual trading accounts. Leverage should instead complement what you have and act as an enabler in the market.

2. Allowing the market to control you

This is a mistake that many novices make. The forex market usually has its own trends and it thus controls itself. It is wrong to follow the direction the market takes blindly without actually trying to control it. Following the market often leads to catastrophic losses since there is no plan for countering the abrupt market changes on the part of the trader. As a trader, your aim should be to control the market. You can control the market by learning how it moves and thus anticipating its next trend. There are many available tools and indicators that can help you in understanding market signals and entering into trades at the right time.


3. Using too many tools


Another common mistake that traders make is using too many tools. The forex market is open to analysis by various charts and indicators. This does not mean that you should learn about every indicator out there though. You should only aim at getting one good software and using it skillfully in order to succeed. The best forex prediction software is one that is easy for you to understand and one which has the right tools.


4. Not having a risk management plan

This mistake is common to both beginners and acquainted traders. A lot of traders tend to lack a risks management plan because they do not know what kind of risks they face in the market. This usually happens because the scope and extent of risks in forex trading are so broad that it seems overwhelming for many. The goal of risk management is to actually have in place measures that protect you from common risks and not every risk. Common risk management measures for instance include:

  • Using stop loss and take profit tools
  • Investing only what you can afford
  • Avoiding getting into too many trades at a time

These as some of the common approaches to risk management which any trader can use.

5. Avoid being emotional

Finally, it is important to avoid huge emotional investment when you are trading. In the forex trade, you are always exposed to the market risks no matter how much effort you put into your strategies. You should thus avoid being disappointed and restless when one or two strategies fail. You should also not becoming overly enthusiastic when getting into trades. The best strategy for managing your passion is to use logic at every possible juncture during your trade.


There are many traders who have made great strides in the business. Nowadays, there are many relevant examples of successful traders everywhere you look. One thing that defines all successful traders is their ability to avoid trading mistakes. Common mistakes are costly and a hindrance in the forex business. The above mistakes are especially a cause of downfall for most forex traders. Learning how to avoid them will thus set you on a path to success.