5 Must-Do Instagram Marketing Tips for Business


Every business owner, whether it supports a small business or controls the business deals at a larger scale, knows the significance of creating an account of social media, especially on Instagram.  If you are starting up with the new business, bring it on Instagram to make people get to know about the brand easily. You can’t risk social media at any cost. It’s all in your buyer’s hand, mobile phones, and the material you are delivering. Instagram is a dynamic thing in our lives and for the business owners.

Your Instagram strategies should be cool and different from the other tips people are making use of for letting their business grow well. Initiate your growth on Instagram by simply catching the sites that will give the likes and follower. Get real Instagram likes through SocialShop, as they offer the best rates in comparison to others in the market. It’s the time that many of us should believe the fact Instagram is the most important social platform to focus on.

Give a read to the following 8 actionable tips for your business that will definitely help you in building more followers.

1.    Understand your audience:

There are around 25% of Instagram users that have an age ranging from 25 to 35 and around 20% users within the age of 18 to 24 years reports Statista. This is a crucial point to focus on as they help you in producing and promoting the products according to the audience following you. There are points that if you work and put the best of your effort on the posts, and later, it doesn’t even appear on the timeline of your targeted audience? It’s of no use. Work on points that how many times your posts should appear on the timeline, who should see them again and again, how much average number of followers you are getting through this effort? This will help you gain more followers.

2.    Maintain consistency in posting:

Posting two to three posts in a day does not work well rather than posting a perfect image in about two to three days. Many businesses post different images in a day without looking and understanding the fall in the engagement they are facing. Often posting gets you more like and followers.

3.    Time your posts:

Posting on some specific time works really well in adding up the more number of followers to your account. Many researchers conclude that there is no universal best time to post on Instagram. For this confusion, you can make use of the different applications, like the buffer, to make up the perfect time for your posts.

4.    Don’t ignore Instagram stories:

The trend of Instagram stories is the main thing that bought Instagram to the new heights. Instagram stories get you about 35% more views to your brands as compared to the other social media platforms. You can post the promotional advertisement daily to make more people get to know about your brand.

5.    Use of Hashtags and Location tags:

Every other social platform has the basis of posting the links on the captions. But Instagram is different from other as it has only the point of use of hashtags for getting more engagement. It helps the people to discover you easily. It is estimated that the use of hashtags gets you more than 13% of the estimated followers and engagement and tagging the location along with it increases the percentage to about 29%. But also keep in mind the point that you should not be overusing hashtags.