5 Must Haves For Your Business Wardrobe


What you wear says a lot about you as a person. It can also affect the way you approach and interact with the world. Your clothes have the power over the way you feel and your mood, and of course they influence other people’s impression of you as a person. With the right pieces in your wardrobe, a man can look his best no matter what the occasion. If you’re not sure what to include in your wardrobe, here are 5 must-haves for your business wardrobe.

A Classic Suit
There are two classic colours to choose from, charcoal grey and navy blue. Wear a suit in either of these colours for many occasions including business meetings, formal parties, and live events. It’s essential you have at least one of these in your business wardrobe. It means you’ll never get caught out wondering what to wear and whatever the occasion you’ll have something you look great in.

A Custom-Tailored Suit
There’s nothing wrong with an off the peg suit, but a custom-tailored suit takes dressing to another level. A suit made specifically for you is going to fit your body and style in a way that you can’t match by buying a suit off the shelf.

A Choice of Different Ties
It’s possible to make any suit shine with the addition of a tie. If you’ve got a good selection in your wardrobe, you’ll never be stuck for one to wear. Start with a selection of ties that complement your suits. To make a solid first impression, aim to colour-coordinate your ties. When you’ve collected a good selection of colour -coordinated ties, you’ll be able to expand your collection.

Classy Accessories
Cufflinks are a very trendy accessory at the moment. Every businessman should have at least one pair to wear with a suit. They add a certain level of professionalism and class to any outfit they’re worn with. Cufflinks might seem like a minor detail, but they have a key role to play in an outfit and can make a huge difference.

A designer watch is another must-have accessory. You’ll certainly make a statement with a Rolex Datejust for business men. Aside from your shoes, a watch is the next thing people notice.

You might have a personal assistant who takes care of all the documentation, but there may be a time that you need to carry things yourself. Look stylish and be functional with a good quality bag. A stylish briefcase or bag made from leather is a safe and secure way to carry your laptop around.

Elevate your look with a stylish pair of glasses. You can use them to protect your eyes from the light of your screen. Pick the right frames to match the shape of your face.

Two Pairs of Dress Shoes
One of the first things people notice has to be your shoes. You’ll be able to create a good first impression with a great looking pair of dress shoes. Make sure they’re made of the highest quality materials, preferably leather.

A good pair of shoes won’t come cheap, but they’re worth the expense because they could last a lifetime if you look after them. If you have two pairs in your wardrobe, your shoes will be able to breathe between wears.

You don’t need to rush out and change your whole wardrobe. Having these basics makes it easier to put together the best combinations if you need to dress to impress.