5 New Features That’ll Improve Your Website


If you want to improve your website and its capabilities, here are 5 new features that could help you do that today!


  1. Install a Clickable Logo


Every website needs to have a logo at the top of the page that sums up what the website is about. It needs to be clear and defining if you want your website to get its message across. It’s a great idea to make the logo clickable. This would mean that by clicking the logo, the user would be transported back to the homepage of the website. This helps to anchor the whole website and make it easier for people to get around it and return to where they started should they want to.


  1. Great Calls to Action


Calls to action are things that pop on the screen and tell people to do something. This could be a link to the website’s online shop section, or it could be a link directing them to a certain piece of content. This will make it easier for people to do things that you want them to do. And you need to make sure that it’s as easy as possible for people to buy your products or services because that is surely your ultimate aim. Of course, the kind of calls to action you choose for your website should relate to your own specific aims.


  1. Use a Virtual Assistant


If you’re tired of taking care of all the administrative and boring features that tend to be associated with running a website, you should use a virtual assistant. This will take care of all the tasks that you don’t have to complete – or maybe the tasks you simply don’t want to complete. An online virtual assistant is pretty cheap to hire as well, so you won’t have to spend huge amounts of cash hiring people. So, have a look at the different options and decide whether this could help improve your website.


  1. Allow People to Search


Sometimes, people want to search for a certain keyword when they’re on your website. If you allow them to do this, they’ll be more likely to reach the content that they are most interested in, so it makes sense. On the other hand, if you don’t allow them the option to search the website, they might simply head to another website that’s easier for visitors to use. It’s very simple to add a feature that allows people to search the whole website, so you should definitely go for it and make the change.


  1. An Email Prompt


Getting people’s email addresses is a great way to make sure that your business stays in contact with potential customers. You want to be able to target these people again in the future, and that’s what having their email address will allow you to do. You could build up a database of email addresses and then send out an e-newsletter every month or every couple weeks highlighting sales and deals. This will constantly remind people that your business exists and prompt them to use your company.