5 Pallet Rack Design To Increase Space On Your Storage



Are you looking to increase staff productivity and maximize the available storage space? Then, you might want to invest in pallet racks. These racking systems will help organize your warehouse for inventory management efficiency. Besides reducing clutter, you can customize your warehouse solutions to meet your storage requirements.


Before installing pallet racks, you have to decide what type and design you need. The configurations you desire, applications, and specifications will vary. Your building structure will require a specific design for efficiency. Here are the 5 pallet racks to look out for.


Selective pallet racks


Do you want a pallet rack system that offers versatility? The selective design is renowned for its efficiency in saving space. It also offers immediate load access and you can use any forklift.


Selective pallet racks are suitable for food handling and manufacturing operations. What’s more, it’s ideal for retail stores with a low turnover and general warehousing.

Selective pallet racks often feature structural steel that is not only debris resistant but also cleans easily. You will also find selective pallet racks that are roll-formed to meet specific support needs. Depending on your budget, you can also have racks with both materials.


This racking system is quite affordable and simple to customize for size preference and accessories. It’s available in a range of capacities and configurations to choose from. However, despite the rack size you have, the shelf heights are readily adjustable.


Push-back racks


Push-back racks feature a back racking system where you load pallets on a cart from the front. You can slide the carts on inclined rails for loading or off-loading. This system works like a beverage refrigerator as you can arrange and access items from a single aisle. You can, therefore, minimize retrieval time in high traffic warehouses.


This pallet rack design offers pliancy due to the inclusion of several product lines. It offers high-density but selective storage for last-in-first-out inventory. Besides the low maintenance, this system is customizable to fit your storage needs and configuration. Since forklifts will not get into the storage structure, damage chances are lower.


However, installing this racking design may be costly.


DriveiIn/Drive-thru racks


Unlike the traditional pallet racking systems, drive-in/drive-thru racks create minimal aisles, while accommodating several pallets. It provides maximum-density storage of the same product using a similar entry and exit. Fork-lifts can readily access the racks and load pallets front to back.


Some drive-thru racks have a single entry while other designs offer double entry for forklifts to get to all sides of the structure.


Drive-in racks are suitable for businesses with fragile products since you can’t stack them. They are available in a structural material or can be roll-formed. This design is a cost-effective option for lowering your storage imprint per square footage.


Pallet flow racks


Pallet flow or gravity flow racking uses sloping racks that allow for loading on a higher point. You can then retrieve products from the lower end to enable first-in/first-out inventory management. The pallets move on automatic gravity rollers that move towards the picking point as you off-load.


This unique design offers a product rotation system, therefore, it’s suitable for a single product. Inventory retrieval and turnover efficiency make the rack ideal for a high quantity of pallets.


However, the installation and maintenance cost is quite hefty considering the aisles take up most of your space.


Cantilever pallet racks


Do you deal in long and bulky products? Cantilever racks will come in handy if you have enough horizontal space to spare. You can adjust the height of the pallets with lock-joint pins for safety. Depending on the product value, you can opt for heavy-duty or light-duty racks.


Cantilever racking design also fits the needs of manufacturers with oddly-shaped items. It decreases the handling time and maintenance cost. This racking design comes in structural steel or can be roll-formed as per your requirements. Besides being durable, cantilever pallet racks are versatile.


Pallet racks help businesses increase space on storage. However, you need a reliable Brisbane pallet racking supplier for efficient installation and proper maintenance. Before choosing the appropriate design, you should define your needs to get custom pallet racks. Remember, different storage structures call for varying approaches to optimize space.



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