5 Real Business Welfares of Video Conferencing


There was a time that setting up a meeting between two people from separate locations via video was fodder for science fiction movies and TV shows. How things have changed since then! From something thought to be impossible, it has not only become a helpful collaboration tool in today’s business environment, but a necessary one as well.

It no longer matters what industry your business is in – whether you are running multiple retail locations or running a hotel chain – the importance of video conference for the modern business cannot be stated enough. Having a video conference tool gives business a quick return on their investment because it saves the company from various travel expenses. Imagine this: before the birth of video conferencing people had to travel, and in some cases, book a hotel just to meet with a couple more people for a few hours. That is now a thing of the past as meetings can now be done online on HD video quality meetings.

But that is also just the tip of the iceberg. While it is true that the advances in modern video conferencing has greatly reduced travel expenses both for the company and individual level, there is so much more benefits that businesses get by employing this collaboration business tool.

Here are some of the real business welfares of video conferencing aside from reducing travel expenses.


Better collaboration for increased productivity

Modern video conference tools today are more than just a camera, a mic, and an Internet connection. If that was the case, then simple personal video chat apps would have sufficed. Now, having a voice chat business with Bluejeans video conference tool is definitely different from having a conversation with a pal in Viber. Business voice conference tools are equipped with different collaborative tools that allows for quick screen or file sharing. This way, people are always on the same page and ideas and solutions are arrived at faster. These collaboration tools are so effective that even if people are meeting face-to-face, they still setup an online meeting just to take advantage of these collaborative tools.


Makes a big company seem smaller

Most companies today have offices in different parts of the US – and with the rise of BPOs and the continuing trend of outsourcing then a lot of companies even have offices on the other side of the globe, video conferencing makes it easier for teams to connect with each office. This way, the distance or gap between two locations become less of a factor because management can easily set up meetings with anyone from any office any time. At the end of the day, modern video conference makes it seem like people are in the same location even when they are not. Now all people need to worry about are time zones.


Enhances communication and improves relationships

Modern video conference tools are, at their core, communication tools. It makes communication possible where otherwise it would have been impossible. As said above, it makes big companies with scattered offices all over the world seem smaller and easier to manage. But that is in the macro level. In the micro level, employees are also reaping its benefits as they are now able to interact even with people who are not in the same locations. This makes people feel closer to each other without being within proximity of each other.


Lets you keep up with the competition

As we said earlier, these are no longer just helpful tools; they are necessities. Do you think that your competition is not intelligent enough to recognize the advantages of video conferencing? Of course not, chances are that they have an online conferencing service implemented already. It is just common sense; information is relayed faster and solutions are arrived at faster with video conferencing. If your company does not have the service yet, then you are probably working at a disadvantage.


Gives employees more life outside the office

As said above, the travel cost just to gather important people for a meeting can be staggering. What was not mentioned is the toll it takes on the employees. The time that should have been spent traveling more with family and friends is spent on the road, in a plane, or in a lonely hotel room. While the opportunity to travel can be appealing to a lot of people, the novelty of it can wear off fast especially if it becomes too common. With video conferences now available, people no longer have to travel just to join a meeting. They can even join the meeting while at home spending time with family and friends. This way, the travel incentive given by employees are reserved for occasions that really require the physical presence of those invited and it remains as an attractive perk instead of a tiresome task.