5 Reasons You Need to Update Your Dealership Website Immediately


Since the early twentieth century, the entire planet has been experiencing exponential growth in all areas of technology. The computer age is still relatively new, but the unparalleled advancements that have come with it have shown no signs of slowing down. More recently, the internet has been the site of enormous change, especially when it comes to the world of retail business.

The world of auto sales is not immune to these changes. No matter how successful any business is, no company can hope to stay at the cutting edge without keeping abreast of the latest trends and the latest expectations from their customer base. That’s why the following 5 points are designed to tell you exactly how to bring an advantage to your dealership.

1) The Tech World is Still Advancing Rapidly

One of the latest technology crazes has been the invention of smart home technology. As the internet is becoming more and more integrated into our lives with the help of these new devices, everything that we do is increasingly moving online. This change is an insight into the new technology that is already available to dealerships online, which you need to know about in order to remain competitive.

2) Young Auto Buyers Expect Better Online Services

The youngest generation to reach the age to buy a vehicle are also the group that are the most immersed in technological change. This is a demographic that are less familiar with the experience of travelling to a brick and mortar location to shop. Not only do they use the internet to do research on products, but they rely on online services for every purchase.

3) Get Better Insights about Your Customers

Using new services like live chat software for your dealership website will enable you to get better information on your clients and what they’re looking for. Customer management is a tool that can lead to better lead generation and increased sales. With online representatives ready to engage in conversation with your new customers 24 hours a day, you’ll easily be able to learn insights into their needs, while building customer loyalty as well.

4) Powerful Lead Generation

The entire gambit of new online services can all be used to generate more powerful leads to give to your in-house sales team. When you provide online shoppers with services like digital insurance and financing applications, they become more likely to complete their sale with your company.

5) An Enormous Boost in Sales

It’s easy for customers who use your website for research to move on to the next dealership in just a few clicks. That’s why it’s so important to offer more than your competitors. Marketing solutions for dealership websites can also be fully integrated with social media sales platforms like Facebook marketplace.

These specific reasons don’t just explain why you should update your online presence, they also provide insight into why it is lacking and what your next step should be. The next step is to contact an online dealership solutions provider to find out exactly what your website is missing and what you need to do to upgrade.