5 Signs Your Company’s Tech Is Out Of Date


A lot of us stick with old hardware and software out of convenience – the cost of migrating to new tech can be expensive and learning how to use new tech can be a hassle. Some of us may not even see the benefit of upgrading to new tech if the old tech we’re currently using is still working perfectly fine.

However, just because the tech isn’t broken doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily fit for purpose. Other companies could be using much more efficient tech solutions, putting you at a disadvantage. There could also be security perks and long-term cost benefits to improving your tech. To help you determine whether you should upgrade your tech, consider whether your software or hardware displays any of these five warning signs.

Your tech is no longer supported by the vendor

It’s important to check that your software is still supported. After a program has been out for several years it may stop receiving updates. These updates are important for ironing out bugs and protecting the software against the latest viruses. Once a program is no longer supported, it could become a security threat, creating the perfect point of entry for hackers.

Many companies are thought to still be using unsupported programs. In fact, a 2019 study found that nearly a third of businesses were still using at least one computer running Windows XP – support for which ended in 2014!

All your data is stored locally

Many modern software solutions are cloud-based, which means that data is backed up on a remote cloud server. On top of offering security in the event of a disaster, cloud storage also enables work to be done from any location on any device. If you’re still storing most of your data on a local server – or worse a computer hard-drive – you could be increasing the risk of losing it all in a disaster, as well as restricting yourself as to where you can work from (perhaps not so much with a laptop, but certainly with a desktop computer). This guide offers more information on migrating to the cloud.

You have to do everything manually

Ever wondered: ‘this would be a lot easier if my computer did it automatically’. You never know – there might just be a program or machine that does just that! Business automation has come a long way in the last decade and there are now many tasks that can be done automatically to save time. A few instances of areas where you should be embracing automation include calculating taxes during accounting, sending out email reminders and analysing data.  

Integration with other tech is difficult

If your software or hardware isn’t compatible with newer tech because it’s too old, this could be another good sign that your tech is out of date. Not all programs can be integrated together, however many new programs are easier to integrate – which can make comparing information and switching between tasks easier.

Your energy bills are higher than the industry average

High energy bills could be a sign that you’re using out of date machinery. Most modern technology is designed to be energy-efficient as possible, saving costs and saving the environment. By arranging an energy usage inspection, you could identify whether your energy usage is above the industry average and whether you should be upgrading to newer machinery.