5 Stocks That Offer High Returns


If you enjoy playing the stock market and have enjoyed various successes over the years, then you are probably the type that looks for stocks with high returns. These are stocks that tend to be at much higher risk to invest in, but then have a much bigger payoff if/when they grow. It’s not for everyone, and you have to be okay knowing that it may not pay off in the end, but if you’ve got the cash to invest then it’s hard to ignore what can possibly be should the stock go up.

Here we’ll take a look at five stocks that offer high returns.

Cannabis Stocks

Even though cannabis isn’t legal on a federal level in the United States, the election may just change that. As of right now it is legal in a handful of states, which are Nevada, Massachusetts, Maine, California, and Arizona. Even with just five states allowing for the legalization of recreational marijuana use it’s enough to make it an interesting investment opportunity.

If you’re looking for a particular area of the market to invest in, cannabis edibles may be that area. These edibles are quickly growing in popularity as more and more companies pop up.

The Technology Sector

This industry is pretty much a given year after year. Even when the industry hits a few bumps, it recovers and comes right back. Consumers are really driving this industry forward pushing for more innovation and products. It’s important not just to look at home-grown businesses but those around the world, as technology is growing globally. What’s interesting about this industry is that it involves so many different types of products and services, giving investors plenty of opportunities.

The Health Care Industry

Pretty much every list you’ll come across that is talking about stocks that offer high returns, the health care industry will pop up on. With an aging population, it’s only natural that health care has to grow and innovate even more. Where this industry offers really exciting investments is with medical devices and as usual, the pharmaceutical industry. The support services sector of this industry is one to watch for, as it is also showing signs of growth.

The Computer Industry

Because we rely on technology for just about everything, it’s no wonder that this industry is growing and offers high return opportunities. Look for companies that are on the cutting-edge of technology offering products that are unique and futuristic seeming to us. Consumers can’t seem to get enough of smart technology, so anything that uses this technology tends to be of particular interest.

Building Repair Industry

This isn’t necessarily home building, instead it’s about repair services to existing homes and dwellings. People aren’t necessarily moving around, instead they are staying put and opting to repair their home, renovate, and update. Where this market can be a bit risky is that people don’t always have the disposable income to spend on repairs and renovations.

There are a number of exciting industries that allow investors to take a shot at gaining high returns, it’s just a matter of taking the risk and getting in there.