5 Strategies to Leverage High-Traffic Websites You Don’t Own


Your corporate website is not the highest-traffic web domain in the world, it’s safe to say. It’s probably not even in the top 10,000, as measured by Alexa (the other one).

That’s the bad news. The good news is, your company has access to many web domains that do rank among the 10,000 most heavily trafficked websites in the world. Including some in the top 100.

How is that remotely possible, you ask? Well, you have a Facebook profile, don’t you? A Twitter handle? A LinkedIn page? A directory listing on Yelp.com, perhaps?

These websites all earn more traffic than your own measly corporate website. And they’re yours to leverage as you see fit. 

If you know what you’re doing. And, to get the most out of them, you will need to know what you’re doing. So take seriously these strategies for leveraging your highest-traffic web properties today.

  1. Update Your LinkedIn Profile

We’ll return to LinkedIn in a moment. For now, know that an accurate and complete LinkedIn profile could be the single most important off-page asset in your company’s web presence. Which is saying something.

  1. Create a Profile on Inc.com

Inc.com gets millions of unique visitors each month, giving new resonance to the term “domain authority.” 

Creating an Inc.com profile that capitalizes on this traffic stream is actually quite easy. This InsureOne Inc.com company profile is a perfect illustration of what works well on this site. Less is more, but not so little that your prospects have no idea what you do or why.

  1. Start a Medium Blog

Medium is one of the world’s most popular and visible blogging platforms. It’s also really easy and fun to use, a platform that allows you to write at length about whatever you wish. That’s awesome for your traffic metrics and corporate brand alike.

  1. Publish One Piece of Original Content on LinkedIn Each Week

Don’t limit your content publishing efforts to Medium. Post at least one piece of in-depth, optimized, original content to LinkedIn every week, using internal or external production resources as you’re able. Like your LinkedIn profile itself, these articles leverage LinkedIn’s massive traffic, lending enviable visibility to key search terms.

  1. Claim Your Yelp Listing

Just do it, today. Claiming a Yelp listing is perhaps the single most important thing a local business can do to protect its reputation and control the conversation around its products or services.

Drive More Traffic Your Way

Pursued with appropriate resolve, these five strategies will help drive more traffic to your corporate website and to the third-party web properties over which you have some control (if not outright ownership). 

Unfortunately, these five strategies are not the end of the story for your online marketing efforts. They’re just the opening act, a mere taste of what’s to follow. Creating a high-traffic web presence that results in more leads, more conversions, and ultimately more sales — well, that’s a long-term effort, not something you can do over the weekend and never think about again.

The stakes are too high for that. But you’ve accomplished more impressive feats. You’ve got this in the bag.