5 Tech Trends That Will Influence Marketing Strategy


Although the rudiments of marketing stay the same every year – the tools businesses capitalize on and the strategies they employ to attain marketing success vary significantly. For instance, newspaper advertising was a widespread practice in the past. But today’s audience has become smarter; they value the importance of authenticity, privacy, and transparency. Perhaps that’s why digital advertising is integral in the current marketing realm.

It’s safe to state that the marketing sector, much like other sectors, is vulnerable to rapid technological advancements. If truth be told, modern technologies are revamping the marketing sphere, introducing new trends, practices, and methodologies that will undeniably take center stage in the forthcoming years. Failing to incorporate these technological trends may put your business at a disadvantage compared to your competitors.

Therefore, it gives all the more reasons to adapt your marketing strategies with continuous advancements in technology to gain a competitive edge. Not only this, but you must also stay innovative and vigilant to attract more leads and ultimately convert them into customers.

With that said, here are some tech trends that might revolutionize the marketing landscape and impact your strategy.

1. Visual Content Marketing Will Grow In Significance

As technology continues to evolve, so does the visual content for engaging the audiences. Although various visual content serves distinct purposes, you might want to incorporate multiple approaches to devise a cohesive marketing strategy.

For instance, you can incorporate free stock photos to captivate audience attention and drive engagement. The relevant visual content can complement the brand’s narrative, enhancing dimensionality and improving the relatability of your story. Besides alleviating the financial burden, free stock images grant the flexibility to explore various imagery.

Moreover, video-first content is all the rage, likely because it allows people to digest content quickly without investing too much time and effort. And this trend will continue to become a pivotal element of the marketing strategy in the future. Therefore, capitalize on this trend and create bite-sized videos such as Instagram reels and YouTube shorts to increase brand exposure.

2. Voice Search Will Be A Top Priority

Marketing has transcended its historical confines and ventured into the digital sphere to reach a global audience. A significant game-changer has been the advent of voice search technology, essentially altering the marketing realm.

Introduced by Google back in 2011, the voice search was previously considered novel. However, with the surge of mobile phone devices and voice services such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana, speech recognition has progressed, and the use of voice assistants continues to increase in astonishing numbers.

Today, more than 50% of the total website traffic originates from mobile searches. Not only this, but 20% of the searches conducted on mobile devices are voice-based. Given this, aligning your content strategy with this growing trend is imperative. One best practice is to offer detailed answers to the queries that customers may have regarding your products or services. This way, you can improve user experience and set your business at the forefront of the voice technology trend.

3. Live Chatbots Will Gain Traction

According to recent research, approximately 74% of users prefer utilizing chatbots when looking for answers to straightforward questions. Not only this, but nearly 62% of users claimed they would engage with customer service bots rather than wait for human agents to address their queries.

In addition, 80% of customers stated they have had a positive experience engaging with chatbots. What’s more? Another study predicted that chatbots will likely become the core customer care channel for a quarter of businesses by 2027. Given these staggering statistics, it only seems logical to cash in on this trend.

A chatbot embedded in your website can answer questions at any time of the day, allowing you to dedicate your time and energy to other critical tasks. Besides widening the contact strategy, they also provide the advantage of collecting and analyzing data, which can help enhance customer experience. Although chatbots can’t fully replace human beings, this technology offers an additional channel for customers to communicate and engage with your business.

4. Demand For Holographic Ads Will Increase

Although we used to view holograms in films only since science fiction movies predominantly showcased them, the recent developments in augmented and virtual reality have turned this new vision into a reality.

Holographic technology captures the audience’s attention and engages them in a profoundly immersive manner, outstripping the restrictions of conventional two-dimensional technology. It allows you to feature 3D interactive and moving images of your offerings, thereby enabling you to boost brand awareness uniquely.

Whether it’s a realistic delineation of a product’s characteristics or an engaging storytelling experience, holographic ads tend to leave an indelible mark on the subconscious minds of the viewers. In a world overpowered by traditional and digital marketing, holographic technology can pique customers’ interest and enhance brand recognition.

5. Artificial Intelligence Will Remain Critical For Success

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence (AI) has become incredibly popular and advanced in the past couple of years. And it’s likely to gain momentum in the upcoming years, too. The technology has practically found its way into every digital marketing platform. What has been a subtle trend initially has become a booming phenomenon, thanks to its predictive analytics and personalization capabilities.

The AI algorithms play a paramount role in shaping customer interactions – they help determine what social media posts people engage with and what search results they view. They also provide valuable insights into customer behavior and assist in automating marketing endeavors such as lead generation and customer relationship management.

Final Words

As we advance toward a tech-dominant world at an ever-accelerating pace, businesses and enterprises must embrace technological trends to achieve substantial growth. These tech trends enable you to identify your intended audience more precisely, nurture deep connections with your customers, and allocate your advertising budget more effectively.

Now, which technologies you choose to integrate into your operations is mainly contingent on your business’s needs and customer’s interests. Nonetheless, you can help your business hit new benchmarks and reach unparalleled heights by employing these tech trends in your marketing strategy.