5 Things To Know Before Completing Document Attestation In UAE


Apart from its word record-holding architectural marvels, Dubai has a wonderful working environment. This city is a major business hub in the world attracting investors and job seekers from all over the world. People here live a luxurious and technologically advanced lifestyle. Many people look forward to working in Dubai for its immense job opportunities in the various fast-growing sectors and tax-free living.

Dubai is part of the United Arab Emirates and one of the most comfortable locations to work in. Despite its Islamic background, this city is friendly to everyone. In fact, the biggest portion of the population here is dominated by expatriates and migrant workers. It is very important to uphold all laws and traditions for harmonious living in Dubai. This includes getting all your personal documents attested to make them legalized for use here. Before getting your documents attested, here are things you should know.

Mind what you wear

Dubai is a bit liberal compared to other states in the Gulf. This has made it attract a large number of foreigners. However, the natives here are very conservative in their lifestyle including dress code. You have to uphold this as well. Women should always avoid transparent, short, and low cut clothes. Additionally, avoid moving while showing off your shoulders, stomach, or back in public. Moving without covering your check and with peeping underwear is strictly prohibited.

Premarital relations are illegal

One of the best things to love about living in Dubai is low criminality. This results from strict laws that locals and foreigners have to uphold. Premarital sex is prohibited for everyone here to avoid ending up in prison. Perhaps you were married back in your home country. You will have to contact a document attestation service to have your marriage certificate legalized.

This will save you from the hassle of spending time to explain yourself when booking accommodation with your partner. The authorities here are very strict on this and it is impossible to book a hotel room or other accommodation as a couple without legal proof of being married. A professional agency will have experience of working with such documents to legalize them for use in Dubai.

Showcasing PDA is abhorred

Public display of affection (PDA) should be in check while in public. Walking while holding hands is for married couples. In addition, proof of marriage is with an attested marriage certificate as noted above.

However, having proof of marriage doesn’t allow you to hug or kiss in public. Additionally, you can only dance romantically in a licensed nightclub or in the privacy of your accommodation.

Locals here might see you as being vulgar and against their cultural values. Another thing that might make you end up in the ad books of the authorities is taking photos of people without their permission.

This also applies to take photos of the interior of some government bodies especially when you post
them on social media.

Mind your drinking habit Dubai is an Islamic state and alcohol consumption is prohibited. However, foreigners are free to enjoy booze but not in public. Additionally, you can only buy alcohol from a licensed bar, nightclub, or airport duty-free shop. Alternatively, you can drink alcohol in the confines of your home. When planning a boozified night out, ensure to plan how to get back home. There is a zero-tolerance to driving under the influence here.

Respect Islamic values

Foreigners exist with Moslems in Dubai. However, you have to respect all Islamic values. The Muslims pray five times daily and you have to get used to the call for prayer at different intervals during the day.

In the Holy month of Ramadan , you have to be extra careful to avoid inconveniencing the Muslim
community. This might include:

  • Not eating in public
  • Not playing loud music
  • Smoking only in private
  • Avoiding drinking alcohol
  • Picking your nose in public

Why choose to live in Dubai

Apart from the immense job opportunities, there are various good reasons to consider a new life in Dubai .


Understanding the above considerations is the trick to enjoying harmonious living in this beautiful city. The reasons to make you choose to live in Dubai include:

  • Beautiful weather
  • Immense culinary scene
  • Multiple leisure activates
  • Affordable luxury lifestyle
  • Most loved the place for expat living
  • Quick gateway to Europe, Africa, and Asia
  • Reliable education, health, and transport system

Bottom line

After deciding to move to Dubai, it is important to understand the best way to enjoy the place. This requires upholding their cultural values, dressing decently, not drinking in public, and having legalized personal documents. You can find a reliable and trusted attestation agency to legalize your documents like marriage certificate, birth certificate, and academic documents. decently, not drinking in public, and having legalized personal documents. You can find a reliable and trusted attestation agency to legalize your documents like marriage certificate, birth certificate, and academic documents life.

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