5 Things You Can Do On Twitter



Social media has taken over our lives and while sometimes that’s a good thing and other times that’s a bad thing, it’s the truth. Platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook give us the ability to connect with people we will never meet in real life and see things we would never see in person. Twitter is especially great for tidbits of information to read when you’re pinched for time. Here are 5 things you can do on Twitter and why it’s a great social media platform.


Breaking News

No matter what political stance you take, you can find news accounts that cater to the news you’re most interested in. CNN, Fox, Breaking News, BBC, CBS, etc. are all great for the most up-to-date news stories. You can even set it up so that when specific accounts tweet, you get a notification to your phone alerting you that something’s happening. This is a great way to stay current without sitting in front of a TV screen and watching the news.


Good Laughs

There are endless amounts of accounts out there that are made solely for the purpose of entertaining their viewers. Some of the funniest Twitter accounts of 2017 included @pattymo, @Party_Harderson, @pixelatedboat, and @dril. You can find funny cat videos, funny baby videos, or prankster videos very easily with a few searches.


Professional Networking

On a more serious note, you can create a professional twitter account where you can put things out there relevant to your business or simply ideas you have that are more professional than some of the other accounts out there. Twitter is a good way to grab the attention of professionals in your field or even established companies that you’d like to publicly contact.


Finding a lawyer

Just about every organization has some sort of Twitter page, and so does Lawyers of Distinction. This group recognizes excellent attorneys in each state and highlights them both on their website and on their Twitter page. If you visit the Lawyers of Distinction Twitter page, you can find a lawyer in your area with the specialty you’re looking for, and you’ll know they’re good at what they do because of the page they’re on!


Sports highlights

If you missed the big game, odds are you’ll be able to log onto Twitter within a few minutes and see that touchdown pass. Accounts like @GrantWhal, @Deadspin, @ESPN, etc. You’ll probably be able to spend hours on these types of accounts watching highlights from games that happened 20 years ago, but if that’s your thing, twitter is the perfect platform for you.


Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites today. What makes it unique is that you’re limited to the number of characters you type in a post, so you really can’t rant for too long. You can however attach a video or picture, grabbing users attention. No matter what it is that you’re interested in, you can find a Twitter account that target that.


Our President is even a huge fan of Twitter, with his account @realDonaldTrump gaining a ton of traction in the last few years. With 51.1 million followers, America loves to see what our President is going to be up to next. President Trump has managed to tweet over 37,400 times, enough tweets to keep you reading even if that’s the only account you chose to follow. Regardless of your political affiliation, Twitter has proven to be a great platform for useful (and useless) information. It enables us all to stay current with our information and facts, making for a more connected society and world.


Signing up for Twitter has a ton of benefits even if you never write a tweet a day in your life.