5 Things You Need to Do Before the Move



So you have just bought your new home. You feel extremely excited about it, but at the same time you already feel the pressure of the moving process. So the question is how to facilitate the relocation and how to prepare your new home for living. In the article below we collected seven most important things for your to do before moving into your new home.

  1. Change the locks on the exterior doors. According to professional movers in Regina you need to change your locks at a new home once you have purchased the house. You never know how decent the previous owners are or were, so in order to play safe experts advise to check entrance locks at first, and then to consider changing all locks in the house.
  2. Get everything cleaned up. Why we like travelling and living in hotels? Because when we get there, everything is already ready for you to walk in and start living. The same conditions you need to create at your new home. So it is highly advised to hire professional cleaners who will ensure that your new residence is clean and pleasant to walk in. Of course, if you are tight on the budget, you need to take care of all the cleaning yourself. But, of course, it always feels great to just walk into a new clean and fresh furnished home and simply start living there.
  3. Paint all the walls and ceilings. Most people think that if the house is ready for move in, then you can literally move into it even right now. It is true, that some buildings are actually ready for the tomorrow’s move-in, but according to the professionals of the moving industry, it always feel great if you repaint at least walls and ceilings before the moving-in date. In case you have a bad shaped home, then you need to consider the whole renovation project for the sake of improving its condition. If your new home needs only cosmetic reconstruction, then spend a couple of extra dollars to ensure that your new home is in its best shape.
  4. Get some closet organizers. It is one of the most common problems of young home buyers, especially if one of them is a woman, to suffer from the lack of proper closet space. So if your hom has no proper closet, make sure that you design it prior to the moving-in date. It is highly advised to hire professionals in this field who will be able to design and consequently create the right close space for your needs and requirements. Experts from Vic’s the Moving Man in Regina advise to keep in mind, that closet includes space for storing not only your clothes, but also shoes, winter boots and laundry detergent. When designing the layout of the wardrobe, ensure that you keep all details in mind.
  5. Install window treatments. And the last tip from our experts is to customize your windows for the sake of better interior and exterior look. Think about installing shades or painting them to match your home’s and windows’ styles.

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