5 Things You Probably Didn’t Consider When Switching to Van Life

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Consider When Switching to Van Life

Since the pandemic, more people are taking road trips to the next level by converting work vans into liveable houses on wheels. There are, of course, a ton of benefits to living life on the road. Van life, as it’s most frequently called, is about getting rid of your debt and not tying yourself to one location. No matter how ideal the van life may seem, there may be a few circumstances you didn’t consider.

Safety On The Road Is Essential

Getting into a car accident is scary enough as it is. But when you get into a car accident when you are living inside of the vehicle, it’s something entirely different. Everything you own is within the van or RV, and if it isn’t tied down, you are going to have even more safety issues on your hand.

There won’t be any renter’s or home owner’s insurance, just your car insurance. And because the vehicle isn’t just a means of transportation but is your home as well, getting into a car accident could mean losing out on your livelihood as well.

This is why if you do get into an accident, you will want to consider hiring a car accident lawyer to make sure you aren’t losing out on potential compensation that could benefit you significantly more than a simple fender bender.

Meals Take On a Whole New Meaning

If you have found yourself staring at the fridge, wondering what you will eat for dinner because you are so tired of eating the same thing every night, we can guarantee that van life is certainly not for you. More than likely, you aren’t going to want to go out to eat every night, as that can become very expensive rather quickly. You will need to get creative!

Salads, ramen noodles, cereal, and sandwiches will more than likely be regular, go-to meals. But you can also stay healthy with fruits and vegetables that won’t perish, especially if you don’t have the luxury of having a fridge or a cooler you can regularly fill. Despite not being able to cook in a full kitchen, at least you can say you are finding more ways to live an eco-friendly lifestyle!

You Can Only Be So Organized

No matter how many shelves or drawers you install, when you are living life out on the open road, there is only so much organizing you can do. You pull out backpacks for hikes or sift through clothes to wear.

You can’t find the flashlight because it’s buried beneath a bunch of other toiletries or cooking supplies. Even when you think you have it covered, you more than likely will experience some type of frustration.

Finding a Place to Park Isn’t Always Easy

Depending on where you might be, finding a place to park your van overnight for free isn’t always the easiest. There are certainly campsites or RV parks you can pay for, but if you are looking for somewhere free to stay, you have to do your homework.

Southeastern states, for instance, aren’t super conducive to the nomadic lifestyle, so you won’t find yourself with a ton of free camping areas. But the minute you hit the Carolinas, you can find plenty of national forest land to park overnight. Some places even say you can park for a maximum of fourteen days.

If you find yourself in a city, you will have an even tougher time. If you are okay with not waking up in a beautiful forest, you can always park at various department stores or restaurants like Walmart or Cracker Barrel. They are usually friendly to the people who live the van life and can provide safe places to stay.

You more than likely will find yourself amongst other people doing the exact same thing. Just make sure to stay safe and keep your vehicle locked, especially when you are sleeping.

Learn Go With The Flow

At the end of the day, things will inevitably go wrong. You may have a plan for your road trip or next destination. But maybe you find yourself in a predicament where your car breaks down and needs repair. Or maybe you had an intention to stay somewhere longer, but the weather didn’t permit you to do so. In which case, you’ll have to adjust your plans.

Be prepared to go with the flow when you are living out of your van. That’s more than half the fun of it. You get the opportunity to travel and live in multiple different places. You can wake up somewhere new as often as you please.