5 Top Tips for Creating Window Displays – Neil Buckland


Smaller companies often tend to forego window displays due to limited resources, but this is a very bad move on the part of their owners. When it comes to attracting customers, one of the best weapons in your arsenal, especially for new businesses who don’t have an established customer base, is your shop front. It is this that potential customers will see every time they pass your premises, which makes it the ideal foil for luring them inside.
But where do you start? Here are a few tips to help you create the most eye-catching window displays in town…

Tip One: Start with a Story

Everyone relies on tired old themes to help them dress their store fronts. Come Halloween, every shop window will be filled with orange and black, which evolves into red, green and gold come December. Customers have seen these same themes over and over, which means that they no longer hold any appeal. A story, on the other hand, grabs people’s attention and keeps it, at least for as long as they follow the tale you’re weaving. This is great for your brand’s image, because it comes across as sophisticated, intelligent and innovative, all qualities guaranteed to entice people in-store.

Tip Two: Be Bold

When it comes to window dressing, don’t be frightened of being bold; grabbing people’s attention is the whole aim of the game. Thanks to the advent of the internet and smart phones, society’s ability to focus is shrinking, and we all expect instant gratification. If you can’t grab people’s attention in the space of a second, they’re going to get bored and turn to a rival whose display is bolder, brighter and more eye-catching. Make sure that you pull out all of the stops so that your display is absolutely impossible for your iPhone-engrossed crowd to miss: that means bold colours and shapes, and props that are utterly unconventional.

Tip Three: Keep It Simple

Being bold is different to overkill. It’s very easy to make the mistake of trying to fit as much as you can into your shop window, but you don’t need every item in your store to feature in your display. Too much clutter stops potential customers from noticing your individual items, and focusing on any one thing. P&D offer an interesting display solution through Pallet displays. Pallet displays and other cardboard displays are one clever ruse for evincing symmetry and neatness with minimal effort on your part, helping to create a compact, tidy image.. If you want something a little more unique, select a few prime pieces, and make sure that each one is highlighted and shown off to its full potential. If you can grab people’s interest, they’ll happily come in and see the rest for themselves.

Tip Four: Balance is Key

One of the simplest ways to create a cohesive, professional display is to ensure that it’s balanced. The chances are that you’re going to have a wide selection of items that you want to feature: large objects and small; dark colours and light; round shapes and square. Ensuring that these elements are carefully balanced is an easy way to create an aesthetic that’s coordinated, pleasing to the eye and indicative of elegance and sophistication.

Tip Five: Lighting is Crucial

Lighting is a very useful tool for drawing attention to certain items over others. Use light and shadow to focus people’s line of sight, and really highlight each individual piece.

Follow our tips today to create the most eye-catching window displays around!