5 Undeniable Advantages of Solar Panel Installation

Workers install energy efficient solar panels on the roof of a building.

Renewable energy is quickly growing more and more prominent in homes across the US.

In late 2018, research conducted by Stanford University was able to put the number of homes with solar panels at 1.47 million.

Panel installation is clearly a growing trend and with the many benefits, it provides, it’s no wonder. We address the five biggest benefits of installing solar panels for your home below. 


1. Save Money

This is likely the main reason solar energy has caught on and grown as quickly as it has. 

By installing solar panels, you are likely to significantly decrease your energy bills each month.

This is obviously dependent on how much sun you get in your area, but by and large, having a solar panel to soak up that free energy when you can, saves you money.

2. Help the Environment

Not only do you get to keep more of your hard-earned cash, but you also make a difference to the environment.

Instead of relying on expensive and destructive fossil fuels, you can switch over some of your usages to the renewable energy that your solar panel absorbs to fuel your home.

This reduces your carbon footprint, reduces the number of emissions you are responsible for, and helps to make the energy in your home cleaner.

3. Take Advantage of Government Incentives

Another fantastic benefit if you install panels, is that there are a variety of government incentives up for grabs.

Not only can you claim a tax credit when you purchase install solar panels, but you could also sell excess energy back to the grid if you make more than you need. 

4. Increase Your Property Value

With all of the added benefits solar panels provide to a home, the price of a property tends to increase. 

Having solar panels installed can be an attractive feature for many potential buyers because they won’t rely on the grid for 100% of their power needs. 

5. Become Energy Independent

This may sound like the boldest of the claims made here, but there are homeowners who have already done it. CNBC reports that as many as 5,000 homes were net-zero at the end of 2019.

Being completely independent of the grid means you will not be subject to changes in energy prices, you won’t be affected when other homes nearby have power cuts and you will be able to maintain power even if maintenance works are taking place.

Buying the right panels and storage units could make this a reality for your home.

Going Green? Consider Solar Panel Installation

So, with all of the benefits available, it’s likely time you look for a panel installation service near you.

This is important because when installing solar panels, you want to find a reliable solar company to get the job done right. If panels aren’t installed correctly, it will reduce the amount of energy you can harvest and could damage the panels themselves.

So, look for a panel installation company with quality reviews on multiple platforms to make sure you get the best from your solar panels.

Are You Ready to Make the Switch?

Panel installation could be the best move to make for your home and your wallet. 

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