5 Unique Investments For Those Who Want To Avoid The Stock Market


Putting together a good quality and secure investment portfolio can be a daunting task for anyone to consider. With the unpredictable business markets, and the damage done by consecutive recessions of the past two decades, many investors are wary about taking any chances.


Many Baby Boomers are taking early retirement, and living longer and more active lives, meaning that they need a solid plan for retirement investing. Is it worth it to take bigger chances on the stock market that can sometimes pay off big, or is it better to build a more conservative investment line? For many people, the thought of investing any money at all can seem risky, but it is one of the best ways to start saving for your future.


The landscape of personal investing is starting to see a shift to less risky investments for savings. Commodities like gemstones and diamonds, land and property, or even fine art can be solid investments with at least a modest return on investment. Take a look at some of the other interesting investment opportunities that you should consider if the stock market just isn’t for you.


Real Estate & Land

You can rarely go wrong when you invest in land or property. Do your research when thinking about making this kind of investment. The goal is to gain a property that will have the fastest growing value, so always consider aspects like location, building possibilities, soil conditions and zoning laws before buying anything. You may even want to invest some of your money with a REIT company that specializes in property investment.


Gemstones & Diamonds

When buying precious gemstones and diamonds as a means of investment, quality is always going give you the highest return on your investment. Retail prices mean very little in a market that varies greatly upon where you are buying your diamonds and how they have been inspected and appraised. The price of gemstones can be generally counted on to rise at the same rate as standard inflation, so it’s not always the fastest money maker, but with quality stones you can make a good profit.



All things are better with age, including the best wines in the world. There are wine auctions all over the world were expensive vintages are bought and sold. Investing in something as specific as wine requires an intimate knowledge of the world and connections to buyers, but can turn a great profit when it’s time to sell. 


Fine Art

You can work with any local or national art institute or gallery to get guidance on purchasing pieces of fine art as an investment. The classics are always a good investment but rarely available unless at auction. With guidance, you will be able to invest in upcoming or trendy successful artists from all disciplines with confidence. This is another example of a type of commodity investment that requires knowledge and wise counsel, but can really pay off down the line.