5 Ways Custom Lanyards Can Benefit Your Business


You can see extensive use of a lanyard – a kind of wearable cord or strap attached with a clip or hook in the end, almost everywhere as it facilitates carrying IDs. It forms a common sight at conferences, tradeshows, events, hospitals, schools, and workplaces. However, its purpose is not limited to just holding keys, badges, or meeting agendas safely and conveniently. It also comes in handy as a powerful promotional and branding tool. When you wear a custom lanyard in bright color and attractive design, it can be effortless in garnering attention to your brand, whether it’s a regular day at work or some special occasion.

Hence, you can easily assume that lanyards can perform different roles without even making it obvious to others why you choose them. Getting them made from a reputed place can prove beneficial for your business from advertising, identification, and many other angles. Let’s delve into these aspects for a quick understanding about why these are important.

Benefits of using custom lanyards

  1. Networking opportunity

Socialization and networking are critical for business growth. But it can feel awkward to start conversation abruptly anywhere. But when you wear a customized lanyard with your company logo or ID to a conference, tradeshow, or local event, you get an advantage. It can help you strike a conversation with others by attracting attention to its colorful style and company name. Since it doesn’t cost much to get them designed, you can give them to your prospects also at the events as a token of recognition.

  1. Branding

Having a strong brand presence is of utmost importance for any small or large business in the US and everywhere else. If you can establish your brand identity successfully, you can control how you want your employees and customers to see your organization. For achieving this, you need to choose a distinctive and effective communication style, color, logo, design, slogan, and others.   When you distribute custom-made lanyards among your employees at the workplace, you make it easy for them to associate with your brand. It infuses a sense of team spirit in them in a subtle way.

You can create an impact on the minds of your customers also through this without putting an extra effort. You must be wondering how. When your sales and technical teams meet customers, it enables them to demonstrate their professional image.

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  1. Higher visibility

You have to be visible in the market and among your customers to be ahead in your game. Often you have to spend a massive budget to come into the notice of others without keeping any expectations in return. Due to this, you hesitate to invest in many of the endeavors. But lanyards are quite affordable compared to most of the promotional and advertising gimmicks. Plus, it can deliver guaranteed results in terms of visibility as people are bound to notice compelling designs and colors. You can utilize them for the long-term for this purpose, unlike other one-time use materials.

  1. Professional appeal

What first impression you create on the minds of other people matters a lot. They will hold conversations with you only after looking at you. That’s why it becomes essential to convey your and your company’s brand identity in the right manner from the beginning itself. If done well, you can expect to receive considerable weightage from your customers. In tradeshows or events, you can use well-crafted lanyards to evoke professional interest in onlookers. Besides, employees also can enjoy wearing them to build a specific professional image, which eventually leads to confidence.

  1. Customer loyalty

Winning loyal customers is extremely significant for any small or large business. However, while big organizations can use a mix of promotional and branding tools to attain this goal, smaller business houses usually suffer due to economic constraints. But lanyards can be their savior in this regard. These cost-effective marketing and advertising objects can bring focus to your brand quickly regardless of the occasion and activities. For instance, when employees wear a lanyard, others can get a quick reminder of your company’s name by just having a look at it. Similarly, when you distribute it in events, your prospects get an easy way to identify your brand as a result of which soon they can turn into your customer and repurchase your service or product.

As you can see, lanyards can be useful for your company for multiple reasons. You can approach a reliable printing agency to place an order for custom designs and colors that reflect your brand identity. From logos to company names, different elements can adorn this simple promotional tool to generate a high impact. Whether you are a small or large entity, you can depend on it to increase your brand exposure without exhausting funds.