5 Ways To Find Profitable Real Estate Deals


Investing in real estate is one of the most profitable financial decisions you can make, whether you invest in residential or commercial property. Knowing how to find the most profitable real estate deals in any market can help you save time while ensuring you find the best deals possible on any budget. 

1. Compare Real Estate Websites

Spend time familiarizing yourself with the real estate that appeals to you in your areas of interest using various real estate platforms. Compare real estate platforms to find a solution that works for you and one that provides you with the most relevant matches for the type of home, commercial building, or property you are seeking. Some of the most popular real estate websites today include Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, as well as Realtor.com. 

Use popular real estate websites to browse for real estate deals by setting budget limitations and maximums while searching for properties. Most international as well as regional real estate platforms also offer the option to sort homes and listings from low to high price as well as from high to low. Sort homes by price to avoid spending time on a listing that is clearly overpriced for the location(s) you are interested in. Real estate platforms are also great tools to learn more about the real estate near you as well as the overall trajectory of the current market. 

2. Use Real Estate Apps on Your Smartphone

In addition to comparing real estate giants, it is also recommended to download real estate apps to your smartphone or to another portable device, such as a tablet. Using real estate apps on the go is beneficial as it allows you more opportunities, even when you are traveling or outside of your home or place of work. 

Set alerts on various real estate apps to inform you whenever there is a new residential or commercial listing that matches your needs as well as your budget. Use your app to bookmark and keep track of properties you are thinking of investing in but want to learn more about first. 

3. Buying Abandoned Houses 

Another way to quickly get started in the real estate industry with profitable deals is to consider buying abandoned houses. Buying abandoned houses requires a bit of legwork, but can be extremely financially rewarding when done properly. 

Most abandoned homes are not yet foreclosed on but will be given enough time. While abandoned home listings are not always publicly available or listed on popular real estate platforms, it is possible to seek out abandoned homes using local classifieds and online real estate forums. Real estate listings that are interested in selling abandoned homes may use terms such as “immediate occupation”, “for sale below market value”, as well as “currently under appraisal” to indicate that the property itself has been abandoned or is classified as having no owner. 

If you are interested in purchasing an abandoned house, research the laws regarding your options based on the state you intend to invest or reside in. Some realtors may also have the ability to assist you with finding more information on abandoned homes you are interested in. 

4. Investing in Home Foreclosures

Once you are well-versed in real estate, investing in home foreclosures is another method of profiting off of your investment. While it may be tempting to dive immediately into the market of foreclosures, it is highly recommended that you first gain experience in other areas of real estate.

Investing in homes that have been foreclosed is a great way to save money on property investment, even if the property requires additional work and upgrades before it can be listed and sold again. Home foreclosure investments can be an excellent stream of income once you have built up enough capital to flip foreclosed homes, regardless of the market. 

5. Immerse Yourself in the Real Estate Community, Online and Off

One of the best ways to find profitable real estate deals is to immerse yourself in the real estate community, both online and off. Learning about real estate and what it entails is essential if you are investing in real estate for the first time. Follow well-known realtor moguls and influencers, attend local real estate conferences, and even visit networking events for those who have an avid interest in real estate investments themselves.

The more immersed you become in the real estate community, the more confident you will feel when placing a bid or making an offer on any home, commercial building, or land property. When you are well-versed in real estate lingo as well as the market in general, you will feel confident managing your own finances and making investment deals on your own. Having the ability to make your own investments and financial decisions will provide you with more opportunities to become even more successful and profitable in the real estate industry. 

Finding profitable real estate deals does not have to feel complex or stressful, especially if you know where to start. Once you are familiar with the real estate industry as well as the resources available for those who are in the market for a new property, you can seek out the home, commercial property, or land of your dreams while feeling confident in your decision.