5 Ways to Grow Your Entrepreneurial Potential


Not everyone is born an entrepreneur, but if you have traits like grit, passion and an affinity for risk-taking you might be on a path to entrepreneurship. Foster your entrepreneurial spirit with these tips and practices.

Go to Work

No, really. Get to work. Sometimes the best thing to do is to jump right in. There’s ample opportunity to flex your entrepreneurial muscles. Today’s work culture is changing and not everyone is suited for work in an office environment. If you find that you thrive in a freelance, contract or independent-type position, get to work. Whether you opt for a direct sales-driven gig with Amway or a work-from-home gig, sometimes the best way to learn is by doing.

Step Away from Your Screen

Sending emails, taking notes and plotting your next big move can certainly bog your brain down. Are you searching for a way to clear your brain, even for just a short time? Research shows that stepping away from your screen for a bit can help. Taking a tech break has been said to ease anxiety, boost brain function, assist memory and attention, too, according to University of Utah psychology professor, David Strayer. Strayer says that too much digital stimulation can take normally healthy people to a range where they are not psychologically healthy. Whether you take a trip far away into a region with no cellphone reception or access to email or if you stash your tablet and smartphone in a drawer for a couple hours, stepping away from your devices can give your entrepreneurial brain the rest and recovery it needs so that you can be at your best when you need to be.

Build a Network of Support

Although many entrepreneurs may consider themselves the lone wolf type, support networks prove time and time again to be of value. Work to cultivate a community of allies, vendors, partners and advisors that apply to your business. You can do this by networking on a local level, such as joining forces with your community chamber of commerce, or on a national level, which could include a membership to a group like the National Association Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.

Find Inspiration

Inspiration is all around us. And in today’s digitally-driven world, it’s just a click away. Take a lesson from some of the best in the business and spend some time browsing a collection of inspiring and motivating TED Talks. In addition to their expansive online library of discussions, TED also hosts live events around the globe. So, put our previous advice to work and get started networking with other like-minded individuals.

Get Organized

Before you invest capital, sign a lease or make a rash business decision you have to get organized. Although you may be driven and have dozens of great ideas without organization you might just find that you’re pulled in various directions and many of your great ideas might just fall through the cracks. You can get organized by doing your research, creating a business plan, working with a mentor, asking for legal advice and even surveying your target market. Covering your bases will also help you deal with any doubters or critics once you’re ready to roll out your big business plan, as you’ll be able to reference tough questions and know what to expect before launching.