5 Ways To Optimize Workplace Performance


Getting the best out of your employees is no easy task. That’s why companies are constantly looking for different ideas and approaches to help motivate workers and produce better results. This article demonstrates five foolproof ways to optimize workplace performance.


Communication is key

Communication is key for any organization to operate successfully. When employees aren’t properly informed about company goals, business processes can fall apart pretty quickly. All levels should be involved in the communication process, including leaders within your company. They should be regularly informing workers about what’s going on and how it impacts them.

A recent survey by Northern Illinois University found that the top reason for project failure is a lack of communication between team members. The same study also discovered that poor communication is responsible for an average of 13 percent in lost productivity every year.


Working smarter, not harder

Creating a workplace culture of long hours and high stress is far from productive. In fact, it’s one of the easiest ways to promote poor performance. A study by Stanford University discovered that working more than 55 hours per week can actually hurt productivity and lead to health problems. The same results were reported by a study from the University of Maryland.

In addition, numerous company’s have implemented a number of different progressive policies to avoid long hours and promote a healthier work environment for their employees. Netflix has a policy that allows all employees the freedom to take off as many days as they like without any judgment. Other companies like Virgin and HubSpot have implemented flexible and remote work policies that both improve productivity and satisfaction.


Get on top of payroll

Industry studies have shown that payroll errors are one of the most widespread problems within businesses. A recent report by Oxford Economics found that companies can spend an average of $25,000 every year dealing with mistakes made in recording employee time and attendance. That number is even higher for Fortune 500 companies (around $32,000).

Luckily, keeping on top of payroll has never been easier. There’s a whole raft of integrated systems available that can be tailored to your unique situation. Systems like these allow you to keep track of employee hours, time off requests, and department budgets.


Invest in the right technology 

More and more companies are taking advantage of the latest advances in technology to help improve their business. From enforcing security protocols like two-factor authentication and strict password policies, and deploying an anti-virus solution across all company computers – most companies can benefit from using some form of technological upgrade. When it comes to optimizing workplace performance, the right technologies have the ability to help companies solve a number of different problems, including time tracking, billing, expense management, and more.


Reward and compliment your employees

Rewarding high-performing workers is a great way to motivate others and boost morale. Everyone likes it when they get recognized for their hard work, so make sure you don’t forget about it when the opportunity presents itself.

In addition, a number of companies have implemented a number of different policies that allow workers to receive their wages in installments. This allows employees who’re self-employed the opportunity to work for several companies at once and enjoy more earning potential.