5 Ways To Overcome Remote Productivity Hiccups


Productivity matters now more than ever! Businesses of all kinds have learned the hard way that they need to adapt to this unprecedented change in circumstances or risk losing ground to their competitors in ways that may prove catastrophic. In many cases, this means facilitating remote work for their teams and navigating the inevitable teething problems and productivity hiccups that come with this. And while you may have spent the last 6 months and change developing an infrastructure that enables your team to do their jobs from home, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve plucked the thorny rose of productivity for good.

While studies amply show that working remotely can lead to improved productivity, it brings its own set of challenges. As an effective leader it’s up to you to overcome them before they arise by demonstrating a proactive approach to productivity, so you can prevent hiccups before they happen. Here are some ways in which you can do this…


Invest in the tools for efficient communication


The great thing about living and working in the digital age is that there are all kinds of tools to improve communication. And more efficient communication invariably means greater productivity. Try using a tool like SIP Trunking to deliver unified communications without the costs associated with communicating with remote workers over the phone. See Sip.Us to find out more. Likewise, a tool like Slack can make it easier to keep text communications in the same place, making it easier to search through them for pertinent information. 


Use team building activities 


It’s easy to overlook the social aspects of your operation. But the social cohesion your team enjoy not only makes their working days more pleasant, it’s a powerful engine that drives productivity, cooperation and collaboration. 


And if you assumed that you can’t replicate this with a remote team, think again! Here are some great virtual team building exercises to build team cohesion. 


Make sure you acknowledge and share your team’s achievements


It can be hard to stay motivated when you’re removed from the physical infrastructure of the workplace. Many employees may feel that they’re increasingly detached from their team and that their contributions aren’t recognized or valued. Fortunately, there are a wealth of employee recognition platforms that allow you to share and celebrate the achievements and endeavor of individuals and teams alike. 


Never underestimate the importance of recognition to ensure engagement and motivation. These tools (which look and work just like social media platforms) are a great motivational tool for both on-site and remote teams. 


Respect your team’s time


Your team members only have a finite amount of hours in every day. And when you lose respect for their time, it can lead to them overworking themselves and burning themselves out. Be flexible in your working hours and ensure that employees take breaks and don’t risk burning themselves out. 


Say thank you!


Finally, one of the simplest motivational techniques is also among the most effective. A simple and sincere “thank you” can be the difference between a disengaged employee and a highly motivated and energized member of your team. Take the time to acknowledge their circumstances and acknowledge all that they’ve achieved in spite of them!