5 Ways You Can Improve Your Working Environment


Your working environment is vital to your business. In fact, it is your business. This is where it all happens; it’s where your employees spend every minute of their working lives. So if it’s not up to scratch, your company has big problems that need addressing fast. It’s not too hard to tell if your workplace is inadequate though. Are your employees grumbling and complaining to you? Does the office feel like a dreary, dull place to be? If the answers to those questions are “yes” then have a read through these 5 ways to improve your working environment.


Design and Layout


The way your office is set up can play a big part in how the entire environment feels. Get the basics right first. Are you letting in enough natural light? There’s nothing worse than a dark office space. Does the office lend itself to employee collaboration and communication? You don’t want to make it difficult for your employees to share ideas and thoughts. Once the basics are sorted, you might want to think more deeply about the layout and design. Go for something modern and innovative. Keep the design forward-looking and interesting; bright colours, comfortable furniture. Give the place a community feel in order to get the best our of your employees.




Generally speaking, your employees want you to give them responsibilities. If you place your trust in them, they will feel more free and invested in your company. So try delegating work to them or getting them involved in the management side of things. Offer them new roles. For example, send them out for internal auditor training so they can offer a useful service to the company. In doing so, they’ll feel as if they’re a valued figure in the business.




Keep your office in check. This doesn’t mean you should act like a Sergeant, running military drills. But you should have a good grasp on the office and know how all your operations are functioning. If it gets to the point where the office is too disorganised and too messy to function properly, your business could grind to a halt. Employees don’t like working in a chaotic, confused environment either. It’s not beneficial to anybody.


Emphasise Communication


The best way to raise office stress levels is to neglect communication. If everyone is isolated at their desks and the lines of communication are blocked you’re going to find productivity falling. Make it as easy as possible for your employees to communicate effectively. If you’re not sure why they aren’t doing that, make helpful suggestions or run bonding activities to get everyone on good terms.


Embrace Democracy
Unfortunately, democracy in the workplace is a rare thing. But, for me, it’s the single most effective way of getting the most out of your staff. Give your employees a say. They’ll feel infinitely better – and, therefore, give more to the company – if they feel like what they say makes a difference to how the company is run. Trust them, and they will trust you in turn.