5 Ways Your Business Website Could Be Better


If you’re not getting a very lively reaction to your business website, there may be more you can do.  The design of your site has a huge affect on the popularity of your pages.  If you want more people to see your web content, you’ll have to learn what it takes to be visible online.  

Start with a little light research on the subject.  Take the time to read through this brief article, exploring some design techniques that will make your website better today.  

Make sure navigation is simple

Navigation is a key factor in building a website that makes sense to web users.  A stationary navigation bar is a common element of a well-plotted, simple site design.  This website for a legal firm in Nevada shows a clear example of a stationary navigation design in play.  

Making it easy for visitors to find everything they need when they visit your website will also make it easier for them to convert into customers.  Clarity produces results in website design. 

Build to please your mobile audience

If your site isn’t built to please mobile users online, then you’re missing out on valuable traffic.  Mobile users dominate the population of today’s internet, and you’ll be able to serve your full target audience with mobile optimization.  

Speedy adaptation is a key factor in the journey to achieve full mobile optimization in your digital design.  Make sure mobile users have no trouble loading and manipulating various elements of your pages, and never stop learning about new ways to optimize for mobile users.  

Add a blog to your website

Adding a blog to your website design gives it more meat.  You want more for users to be able to explore, and a blog is a great way to educate your digital audience on various elements of your industry.  

Add new blog posts to your site content regularly, so you can build a community of return readers.  Your blog can also make for an attractive post on social media to help drive traffic to your main website.  

Incorporate social media sharing 

To complete the sharing cycle, you should add social media sharing icons to your business website design.  Adding the familiar icons in strategic locations will help spread the word about your operation online.  

Your homepage, your contact page, and every blog post are all great places to insert social media sharing icons within your design.  People know what to do with the buttons.  All you have to do is place them.  

Encourage communication through design

Build your website design in such a way that it makes it easy for web users to communicate with your business operation.  A great contact page for your business is vital, so interested consumers can easily ask all the questions they need to ask to feel comfortable doing business with your operation.