6 Branding Trends Sticking Around for 2021


It seems that we’re drawn to new things every year, and if you want to stick around as a brand, you must change with the times. In 2021, we may be using a lot of the same branding and marketing practices from the last few years, but that just means we can improve upon them. When building your brand and website, consider these trends that aren’t going anywhere.

Human-Based Marketing

We all know what kind of year it’s been. That’s why using humans as the ‘face’ of your brand and marketing campaigns can pay off. More than ever, we are longing to see a friendly face. Putting a face to the name, the brand, and the idea can help your viewers feel more comfortable.

If it’s possible to add a human face to your brand, do it. In this day and age, it will make you stand out and make your consumers more comfortable.

Cohesive Color Palettes

Branding and marketing are going through something of a revolution when it comes to color. Some argue that natural color palettes are out, while others believe that brighter color palettes have to be replaced with a natural look. Whatever you choose, just make sure it’s cohesive.

You can choose a natural palette, a neon palette, a pastel palette, or anything else – what’s important is that you stick to the same palette throughout all of your branding and don’t switch back and forth too much.

Stand for a Cause

We’re in the middle of a period of social unrest for various reasons, and consumers want to know that the brands they use stand for something. Don’t choose a cause you don’t believe in just because it’s good marketing, though. Look inside yourself and think about what causes you personally support. If it’s your company, choose one of your causes to fight for.

Make sure that you make it clear where you stand about the issue you’re campaigning for. Try not to alienate people. Be proud and bring your message across with your whole chest.

Use Unique Art

Whether you’re using geometric shapes, pop art, or a more vintage look, always use unique art. Don’t choose branding artwork that looks exactly like another company or brand’s. Whether you choose a different color palette, a different style, or go off in a completely new direction, always let your creativity guide you towards a unique approach.


Even if you choose to use a specific art style, you can make it your own in a thousand little unique ways. Find those and apply them to your marketing strategy to stand out.

Text and Image Masking

When it comes to brand design, text masking is starting to be a heavy-hitter in the logo and marketing world. Text and image masking is a design element that places an image within the shape of a letter or a block of text.

While this has been around for a while, this particular element is just now gaining recognition and coming to the forefront of brand and website development.

Avoid Perfection

Of course, you want everything to be perfect when you develop a brand, website, and product. But when it comes to your branding imagery and website, try to aim for the imperfect. Rough lines, sloppy outlines, overlapping bits – all of these elements make for a great, memorable logo. The clean, perfect logos of yesterday are still popular, but something a bit rougher is sure to stand out.

If you need help on how to get this right at a website level, consider contacting a Black-owned marketing agency to help find a perfectly imperfect solution.


Branding and web development trends come and go over time, so make sure that you’re keeping your website up to date with the latest!