6 Different Commercial Real Estate Investment Types to Look Into


To invest in any form of commercial real estate can be both risky and expensive, yet can prove to be immensely profitable too. For being successful, it is vital on the part of the investor to know about the different choices available. They must invest their hard-earned money on one that will make the complete sense for his/her personal financial goals.  

Explore the Different Types of Commercial Real Estate Investments 

  • Investing in Land- In the case of investing in land, one has several options for making money on their investment. For instance, one can give the land on rent to local farmers to raise livestock or grow & harvest crops. In the case of wooded property, a logging firm may show some interest in harvesting the lumber on the property. Some make investments on land to sell the same later to real estate developers resulting in massive payouts.


  • Industrial Property- This form of property can have different purposes right from research facilities, manufacturing to warehouses, and more. While investing in this form of property, one needs to carry out proper research of the market to experience the feel of how simple it is to obtain tenants. Industrial property can be difficult to gauge demand. Besides, this can pose a higher risk.


  • Office Buildings- Countless new businesses are popping up across the world, thereby making office buildings an appropriate investment. No matter one resides in a small town or bigger cities, office space will always be needed. Resting on the demand, one may decide to invest in an office that has multiple units or one tenant space. Often what businesses seek are longer leases, thereby making it simple for projecting profits for long. To know more, contact the experts at Real Estate Investment Associations Dallas.


  • Retail Space- This is akin to office space. Its location, however, is likely to be of more significance. The investor needs to understand the traffic rate in the area along with the type of demand for new locations and retail space to shop.


  • Storage Units- Though this may sound like an uninteresting investment, the industry does have money. When one decides to invest in a storage facility, they need to check the location and local competition.


  • Multifamily Housing- Though this offers residences for tenants, it is still a commercial property. It is also known as a condominium, townhome, or apartment. With the increasing demand for housing and increasing population, multifamily housing will be an ideal commercial real estate investment.

Within the commercial real estate investment landscape, an investor should make many decisions regarding where to invest their capital. Right from capital structure, project type, market, to class, every decision will be a plot point when it comes to return spectrum vs. the risk. 

For each choice, which adds higher challenges to the equation, higher ROI is necessary for compensating and vice versa. Every option which reduces risk, automatically the chances are the return will be lower. So, invest wisely!